this christmas

mae.  she’s a character.  i love instagram because it’s not just a… i don’t know… photographic “tweet” but it gives me the gift of grabbing moments out of the air and being able to look back at them in a lump.  i’m really enjoying this new weekly ritual.  mae is continually cracking us up and i’d say it was her theme this week.  i miss when alizah was that small and would run around with underwear on her head pretending she was spiderman.  she’ll be 11 next month and for some reason getting older isn’t just getting taller or smarter or more independent… for some reason it’s also getting self-aware and shy and confused.  i hate that part.  so, i’m enjoying this time with mae all that much more.  some day it’ll slip away from her, too without us even noticing until it has completely evaporated.

the sweetest sleepers i know.  we kept nate’s nephew (far left) last night because little oliver (far right) was taking his sweet time and everyone was at the hospital until early this morning.  he was worth the wait, i’d say.  his poor mama ended up needing a c-section which is unfamiliar territory for me, so we just sat and cooed and passed the sweet one around and around.  hubs was even getting a little baby fever HA. 

this blanket was the gift i was so itching to share.  my mother-in-law had started it for oliver and became frustrated after months of work so she handed it off to me.  she said she knew i liked the yarn and would find something to make with it.  indeed i did.  i actually gave it to her as a christmas gift so that she could give it to oliver.  it ended up just over 3 ft by 3 ft.  quite lovely, really.

sweet friends.  i’m lucky in that department.  mare and her boys…. we had lunch and a yarn store date, then we parted ways.  mae and cash have been friends since mae was still learning to crawl and she really, really loves him.  as we were walking to our car i looked down and saw that her little chin was quivering.  i knelt down and asked if she was ok and she burst into tears - sobbing and telling me how much she misses seeing him and that they just didn’t get to spend enough time together.  it was heartbreaking!

pattern writing once again.  this sweater is really darling and i actually only have and inch and a half to go on the second sleeve and it’s done.  what is it with that last inch!? HA!  mae hates it because it has a “long neck” but it’s just so fitting.  i can’t change it.  i’m also thinking about sending the pattern out to some test knitters but i only have the pattern written for 5T at the moment.  let me know if you’re interested.  it takes 3 hanks of cascade 220 and is worked on size US7 circulars/DPN’s.

so, with everyone gearing up for the holiday and then the holiday coming and going i have spent my time in the moment.  it was exactly where i needed to be and i’m not even a little sorry about all i missed on inter-web land.  now that things are going to settle - especially after the new year - i’ll be back more regularly.


knitting vs laundry



yes, i know… it’s important to have clean underwear, but i can’t stop knitting.  i started alizah’s gift today with that lovely cascade eco duo yarn she picked out (that i’m totally in love with and just want to snuggle).  i’m doing a simplified version of this.  it’s not actually going to make it to “shawl” and i’m skipping the ridges but i thought the general shape and design would be a perfect match to the yarn.  i just casted on this morning and this is how far i was when i finally put it down!  

my other project (not including all of my other, other projects) is the hat my mama requested.  she’d like a soft, warm hat for a friend that will be starting chemo.  at first i thought i’d just make her a regular old hat with lots of color work in big zig-zags to give it some pizazz, but it just didn’t feel right.  then i found a chemo turban on ravelry that looked amazing, but the comments were a turn off.  almost every single person made a remark about how LONG it took them to make - almost painfully so.  THEN, i found this other turban pattern that looked absolutely adorable and had raving reviews.  i casted on in this brilliant sapphire alpaca since ma said her friend has striking blue eyes - is it too much???? i love it, but will she???  UGH!

the shaping is strange, but i think i’m getting into the swing of it.  we’ll see how it goes.  i may frog this one, too and start again in a tamer blue.

alizah requested a bubble cowl for her teacher’s x-mas gift rather than the usual hat or fingerless gloves.  this is what she got:

i liked it so well it was hard to give up!  LOL

last but not least, i thought i’d share mae’s picture for santa.  she colored this today and said, “i need to get this to santa!!!” so we wrote out the envelope and sent it on it’s way.

she signed it and everything! … we really need to start working on how to write our name though, huh? ;)

now, off to basketball practice by myself with both girls.  pray for me!