hey y’all!  long time no see!

it’s warming up, you know.  the sun brings out the baker and iced tea sipper in me every year without fail.  it’s wonderful - sitting outside with my face tilted upward like tiny leaves stretching for the warm light - just not too great for knitting pattern writing.  who wants to sit at a computer and do that when there’s a world waking up!?

i have been working though - a bit.

and hazel made its debut today.

you can find it under PATTERNS —> PATTERNS for SALE over on the side bar, or here if you’re a raveler.

these patterns will be released soon, too!

ok.  maybe i haven’t been slacking THAT much.  ha!!

in other crafty news, we have a new little stitcher in the house…

mae has discovered embroidery.  i’m not sure what sparked her interest since i’ve never been much of an embroiderer…  she just asked for one of the round things and fabric so she could sew a picture.  she drew a house, wrote her name on a flour sack towel and was ready to go.  i showed her how to complete a back stitch once and she was off and running.  the girl sat steadily and stitched only stopping for mama to untangle knots or get her some more “string” until it was finished.  she even free handed a door and knob that she hadn’t drawn.  i was very impressed.  she titled it “my home”

i love it.


some knitting is getting done between life and gardening!



the little anchor hat is a gift for one of nate's friends.  i sure hope they enjoy it!  the hat itself is simple as can be, but the embroidery took some time.  i drew out the anchor on some regular old computer paper, pinned it in place, and used it as a template for the embroidery.  all in all i think it turned out well, but next time i think i'll be using some thinner paper!  picking the tiny paper bits out of the stitches proved exhausting!.... though, it may also have something to do with the fact that i constructed the entire thing from start to finish in one sitting!  LOL 
the booties and bonnet are for miss lauren's baby shower.  oh how i love making gifts for little girls!