recipe catch-up

my dearest blog folk, i have finally posted one of TWO recipes i’m behind on.  meet the align mitts!

you can find the pattern for these splendid mitts here

i’m still working on the migrate socks and you know…. i did find almost all of my notes but for some odd and i mean very odd reason, i neglected to note what size needles i was working with.  isn’t that just the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard of?  drugs.  i swear i was on them!

as you may or very well may not know, the girls started school last friday and i’m still sort of coming to terms with that.  we’re slowly settling into our routine and i’m slowly catching up on all that housework i haven’t done for five years.  you know, the gritty stuff.  so even though i thought i’d be sitting here at the desk blogging my little heart out, i haven’t.  there you go.  i have been knitting though.  boy!  have i!

here is a sneak peek

i can’t wait to finish it.  i can’t wait, can’t wait!  i’ll post all about it next week.  so, for now, i’m gonna get back to it and wonder what i’m gonna do with this dog.  did i mention i got a call this morning to meet my husband and pick up the cutest little stray i’ve ever laid eyes on? i think i’ll start calling him noah because i swear to you he’s turning an arc out of this little house of ours. xo

turn & zhi zips

hello friends!  it’s been hectic and a bit overwhelming around here as of late, but so many sweet things have been tumbling down to us, too.  my mama and step-dad renewed their vows, we had my future sister-in-laws wedding shower to attend, our little finches are laying eggs, and the weather has turned even if only slightly after such a mild winter.  the days are warm and breezy, a bit dreary at times and the air here is thick with spring.


i’m still scrambling to get such a long list of to-do’s checked off.  hubs and i had a mini meeting yesterday where i cried and he listened and we agreed that action needed to be taken.  being home with the girls is fantastic and i love the freedom it allows, but working - or trying to without specific work time drawn out has proven disastrous.  even one day with no distractions or questions or someone/something needing to be tended to would relieve the mounting pressure.  with that said, i’m still expanding my horizons.  my mind soars and my hands struggle to keep up the pace.  lauren was the recipient of one of my tester baby t’s and says she’s getting compliments.  i think her freaking gorgeous little norah may be the real reason for the good feedback - that kid can make a paper sack look high (baby) fashion!  but, i guess it’s time to take the baby wears off the back burner any way.  HA!  

now, for the fun stuff.  this amazing lady had asked about resizing the zips for one of her girls.  i got all the measurements and made it happen.  they’re a bit big on mae but she loves them.  i think they would make a cute mama & me set for boys or girls.


1 skein KnitPicks Andes del Campo - pictured color way is Wharf Heather

*i got both the zip mits and the zhi zips out of one skein*

1 set DPN US 8 (or needle size to get gauge)

4.5 stitches, 5.5 rows/inch in stockinette

other notions: yarn needle for finishing & one stitch marker

size to fit children approx. 5 - 9yrs


CO 28 sts distributed as follows: 10 (to be called “needle 1”),9,9

join for knitting in the round and work even in stockinette, knitting every round for 5” (or desired length)

set up for gusset: k4, m1L, k1, pm, k1, m1R, k to end

next round: k4, p1, k2 (slipping marker), p1, k to end


round 1: k to 1 st before marker, m1R, k1, slm, k1, m1L, k to end

round 2: k4, p to 1 st before marker, k1, slm, k1, p to last 4 sts on needle 1, k to end

repeat rounds 1 & 2 until you’ve worked up to 16 sts on needle 1 (ending with round 2)

next round: k4, BO 8, k to end

rejoin for hand as follows: k3, sl1, k1, psso, k to end (29 sts)

work even in stockinette for 1.5”

BO & weave in ends

(make another one and wear!)

now i’ll leave you with something cute to look at.  happy tuesday, all! xo