these days

i hope everyone had a nice labor day weekend.  

quiet, relaxing, rejuvenating and the like…

my mama and i went caving with mae in southern indiana.  it was fun and beautiful and exciting for the little.  my mom and i laughed and dreamed all the way home, taking back roads through itty bitty towns surrounded by farms on giant hills dotted with goats and cows and horses.  we smiled and waved as we passed the amish men and women selling goods out of their carriages and reveled in how affordable the housing is in those towns.

alizah was on a separate adventure in west virginia with her poppie.  ya know, white water rafting, zip lining, and jumping off cliffs.  the usual stuff for an 11 year old girl.

blessed children.  loved and loved.

it wasn’t all death defying and adventurous though.  the rain has come and i’m on my knees with gratitude.  things are growing!  really!

running outside to collect the few plants still thriving is such a thrill.  the broccoli is so happy - growing nearly waist high and forming big beautiful heads.  ugh.  our garden broccoli is the most delicious thing to pass by my lips.  and of course those mint family plants are taking fast advantage of the space left by the plants we lost to the drought.  

a lot of rain means the house is quiet with nappers and play and pies… oh the pies.


baby blueberry pies

apple raspberry pie

chicken pot pie

i never ever made a pie from scratch before this week.  while i was making the chicken pie for dinner last night mae asked if pies were my new thing.  she’s so funny to me sometimes.  i just hope my girls see that spark - i want them to be fearless in every facet of their lives - even in the most domestic ones.  we were enjoying our dandelion vinaigrette on our garden broccoli the other day and i laughed as they mmm-ed and yum-ed and we reflected on how they thought i was nuts when i started running around the garden digging up dandelions for food!  (i got the dandelion vinaigrette recipe from taproot magazine, soil)  alizah asks me all the time if i know what i’m doing and the fast answer is “no” but it’s also such a good, rich, fulfilling answer.  i will never know what i’m doing as long as i’m moving forward and learning something new.

i’ve done a bit of knitting, too of course but i’m not quite ready to share.  soon.  maybe even tomorrow.  and now that i’m thinking of it i think i should go start another shawl.  yes, that sounds mighty fine.

have a wonderful wednesday sweet people! xo


SO, you should make some pies, too… right?  i know you want to.

the crust recipe i used for the sweet pies

the crust recipe i used for the savory pie

the filling recipe i used for the blueberry pie

the filling recipe i used for the chicken pot pie - for this i omitted the celery & carrots, added corn & potatoes.  it was delicious.

the filling recipe for the apple raspberry pie doesn’t exist.  sorry.  i just sort of made it up as i went, but if you happen to find one, MAKE IT!  it was delicious and the entire family voted it the best pie of the week.

two things

first off, i’m introducing the newest member of the spainhower tribe

she mostly does this:

and you may notice som knitting under her little head.  yes, yes!  i’ll be posting about that gem on wednesday.  

so, this new kid, marlowe… she’s mae’s speed for sure and follows her all around outside and when mae squats to dig in the dirt marlowe sits next to her and watches intently.  she follows big brother captain like a shadow & mimics his every move.  captain mostly just knocks her out of the way and snarls at her because, ya know, little sisters are sort of annoying.  i’m coming to terms with house training another dog which is by far my least favorite part of pooch ownership.  i’m also coming to terms with her fleas which we’ve never, ever had in this house before.  she’s had her bath and her flea combing and i’m using a natural spray that repels the little buggers and feeling very exhausted by the whole thing.  but, it is what it is.

i really enjoy watching her come out of her little shell more and more each day.  we can tell she had been mis-treated, but already she responds to her name and comes running to our whistles.  i think she’ll be a great addition (when she stops tinkling on my floor)!

and for part two i thought i’d share this smoothie alizah and i made last night.  it was SO, SO good that even hubs gulped it up.


1 cup fresh blueberries

1 cup ice

3/4 cup milk

1/4 cup heavy cream

juice from 1/2 a lime

1/2” piece of fresh ginger

lime slice for garnish

to make the smoothie, toss everything in the blender (except your garnish of course) and blend until smooth.  simple enough.

i will warn that because of the milk & lime combo, if you leave your smoothies out for a while they will “set” like a key lime pie!  they get sort of jelly-ish.  they still taste delicious, but i’d recommend enjoying promptly.

happy monday, friends.  see you wednesday with some knitting! xo

snip snip :: eats

 from top to bottom:

nettles from my blog love, heather (tea time has never been so sweet)

tortellini soup with leeks, feta & cracked pepper

rice & kale with bacon

white cake cupcake with whipped honey & fresh strawberries

home made popcorn (unseasoned) stirred into caramelized butter & marshmallow and topped with a sprinkling of salt

roasted poblano pepper & bacon frittata

leek, corn & pasta soup with cucumber, red onion & fresh olive oil marinated mozzarella salad