ravelry link time!

riga sweater

shrinking cables shawl

baume socks

pat baby vest & soaker


maxfield cardigan - is this the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen!?

cat’s mane - HA!  for the boy….

botanical garden shawl

link - not a new pattern but, MAN!  i love it.

good weekend, all! xo

this is a weekly list of recently added items to ravelry.

i link them because i love them.

i look for articles with superb fit or drape & clever shaping, textures, and patterns. my hope is that i connect a knitter with a fantastic pattern they may not have noticed on their own as well as offer support, encouragement, and yes, even some free promotion for the hard working designers.



technically, it was thurday but i’m including carl’s visit in our weekend.  mae loves carl.  the boy.  he gave her a hacky sack when they first met all those years ago and she still has it - she even tells people he knit it for her.  so, so cute.  she wanted to show him her favorite park.  i think he had a good time until he got sticky green goo on his hand.  eww.

we had lunch after our outdoor adventures, then headed home to scour my knitting books for patterns.  carl has just been through some major changes and hasn’t had his hands on the needles for ages.  i didn’t have much that was of interest to him but he did steal one of my stitch dictionaries.  we’ll have to have a library play date and really get down to business.

first friday at the murphy building

mare at maryanne’s studio.  i love both those ladies.  big time.

we ran into greg.  of course we ran into greg.  sweet heart & loved by all.  we had such a great night.  beautiful friends.  love.  hubs told me on the way home that he had been really tired and didn’t actually want to go out that night but knew i was already stressed about the situation with dropping alizah off for her weekend at her dad’s & he didn’t want to add to it.  he smiled and said, “i’m glad i went.  i had a really great time.”

cinco de mayo

we took on the laborious task of cleaning out the garage.  i thought i was going to sweat to death - but it needed to be done and in part because he found this little guy

the little fledgling was hopping all around getting stuck behind motorcycle parts and toys and boxes and i needed to get a hold of him.  we got everything cleared and swept and i finally snatched him.  i put him in a shady spot under his nest and a few hours later he was gone.  i’m hoping his mama got him.  eep!

we celebrated a job well done with cinco de mayo tacos.  ha! 

100 acres

every time i post about this place i say everyone in the indy area should go.  i love it.  it was hubs’ first time & we brought the dog.  it was his first time there, too.  we had such a beautiful day together walking and talking and playing and it was HOT but shady and the pooch was really quite well-behaved.

i’ve been feeling so full lately.  i’ve also been stressed - big time, but i bought this

and you know… i felt so much better.  ha!  the little things really can turn around a rough day.

honestly though, even when i make my way up to bed after every one else and there is absolutely NO place for me to lay between the husband, the kid, the dog, and the cats, i find a narrow slot and squeeze in - hot and cramped with the fan barely easing the heavy air - i feel so full & so happy in a way financial comfort or my professional life could never make me.  i know how valuable love is.  

also, i know my cat has super powers.


happy tuesday all! xo

mucca pazza

to begin, i’d like to direct all knitting folks to the yarn harlot blog - this post in particular.

i’ve been following her misadventures knitting this blanket and to see it finished - and the sheer size of it - and her note to the recipient… it actually brought tears to my eyes.  only a knitter can undertand this post.

ok.  so, i’m really too busy to knit or spin or dye or sew and ya know?  it’s perfect that way sometimes.  today mae wore a dress i made for her about a week or so ago and she looked darling!  we had an important event to attend this afternoon.  do you know mucca pazza?  no?  oh.  well, go here and find out when they’re coming to a town near you, then go.  this was the second time they came to our down town library (which i seem to post a lot about because it’s the coolest freaking library ever).

this year there was a MUCH larger turn out.  the show started out in the east garden, then traveled around the building parade-style and into the old library.  it then continued into the atrium.  that’s where it got a little chaotic!

the fabulous mare and her fam was there - in fact, WE wouldn’t have been there without her!  thank goodness she thought to call me this afternoon to remind me.  YIKES!

hubs and mae headed up a couple floors to get a better shot of the action.  he got a great video from there, too.  it’s posted below.

then the show moved on once again into the theater. freaking amazing.  again, vids below.

make sure to check out the kid in the yellow shirt in this video!  he’s getting down.

whistling + mega phone.  bad ass.