wip.fo monday

hello sweet friends.  oh the things i have to share today.

for starts

the baby blanket for my mama’s friend is done and gone.  it turned out so perfectly sweet with the eyelets and picot edge.  perfection.

this mysterious little strip has already been transformed, but i think i’m going to hold off for a bit on sharing that.  i love the green.  it’s knitpicks wool of the andes pampas heather.  

another mystery project and to be honest, it’s still a bit of a mystery to me as how i’ll pull it off. i guess when i know, you’ll know.  HA!

poor little lattice sweater.  i can’t get into the groove of this for some reason.  i must not be in the right mood - or i’m just seriously distracted.  school lets out on friday which is exciting and everyone is groaning about cutting the nights short to go to bed - because when it’s light at 9pm it still feels like there is life left in the day.  also, hubs lost his job a couple weeks ago quite abruptly.  he has already started another, but his line of work is very, very tricky.  i’m trying to stay positive during this transitional period.  trying.  once everything settles i know i will ease back in to my knitting and let the steady rhythm take me away to a place of inspiration rather than worry.  …back to lattice though… i even thought about buying yarn specifically for the project.  that usually gets me excited.  poor stash yarn.  i’ll wait another couple of weeks and see where the breeze takes me.

what a score!  i picked this up at half price books yesterday.  i was looking for something that might be good for the boy, but i like it so well he’s gonna have to make copies of the patterns he wants.  Ha!  this is MINE.  

hubs spotted a sweater he wants right away (weird) 

but i’m really into the vests

i’d love to shrink this to fit a boy.  i was thinking of you, mare!  and maybe the small would fit a woman with a few simple alterations.  after reading through the patterns i think my only *meh* is that they’re all knit so that there is quite a bit of finishing.  i hate seams.  LORD do i ever.  i think i can suffer through though.  all the items in this book are classic and beautifully shaped.  it’s so hard finding things for men that i think they would enjoy and my guy is the most difficult guy on earth to knit for.  how did i get so lucky?

so, with that i wish you all a happy monday.  i’ll be here tomorrow with some fun bits from our weekend. xo

the crawl :: wip.fo monday

i suppose i should start with the socks that i didn’t finish.

HA!  ya, it became the bedside project and those creep.  i mean, CREEP.  that’s alright though because working two rows per sitting is better than no rows, right?  it’ll get there.  and when i’m sick of looking at it chances are i’ll buckle down and knock it out just to free up the needles.

this little bird was a surprise project that fell into my lap when one of my old college instructors sent me the pattern.

intarsia has never been a real strong suit of mine though if i put my mind and my fingers to it, i can usually pull it off without any major tension issues.  i mean… remember nate’s hat i knit years ago?  ya.  i hadn’t been knitting all that long when i decided to take a stab at that!  the only issue i really had was the size of the head added to the intarsia with all the yarn going this way and that.  it was cumbersome and clumsy.  i actually tore it out and worked it again three times until i felt like it was perfect.  the body was a breeze.  so.  here is a link to the pattern.  i’d love to see a flock of these sweet birds emerge from my knitterly friend’s hands!

this bag.

i haven’t knit up a bag in ages, but i saw the pattern and i thought it was about at sweet as could be.  here’s the link for you.  i didn’t have all that much sock yarn on hand and i wasn’t about to go buy some so i used a bunch of worsted yarns i had sitting around.  the outside bits are actually two different camel colors but i think they look mighty fine together.  this bag is really close to finish - only the strap remains to be knit but you know how i do that thing where i read a pattern and suddenly feel the urge to simplify it?  ya… that feeling took hold something awful with this one.  i’m resisting though.  i’m going to finish the strap and call it a day.  it will be gorgeous and done.  but.  if you’re interested in whipping up one of these quick little bags and you’re dying to know what my brain contrived… 

the pattern has you knit four triangles, then join them side by side to knit the body, then decrease sections into triangles, then sew all the triangles together.  it’s not hard.  it’s not stupid.  she wants you to block this and for that reason it makes complete sense to knit it flat in this manner.  i don’t think it needs blocking really.  i think you could easily cast on four stitches and work in the round by knitting into the front & back & front of each stitch increasing to twelve, then place markers and work increases on either side of the marker all the time working in the round until the body where you would then begin working in rows.  rejoin for opposite side and work the decreases back down to four stitches.  no seams.  yum.  the flip side to that is purling.  you’d be purling every other round to maintain the garter on the sides.  that doesn’t bother me in the least - i’ll take purling over seaming any day!

the wavy kid crescent

this is eventually going to be a recipe of the month.  not a beginner pattern mind you, but simple enough if you have some experience.  it’s a sweet little crescent shawlette for little ones with a twisty wave border.  it’s pretty much the cutest.

hmmm.  what could this yarn be for?  details coming soon!  (don’t you hate when people do that?)


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tomorrow i’ll be posting about our weekend and all of our adventures.  i can’t wait to share it with you!  

happy monday sweet friends xo



zip mits: a pattern, casually.

amanda over at homespun asked if i would be able to make some women’s fingerless gloves for the shop in addition to all the lucy & the bird goodies.  well, of course.  i instantly had two specific styles in mind.  i thought one style in a heavier yarn - simple and functional paired with a style in a finer yarn with special details or stitching would be perfection.  

i came up with these zip mits right out of the gate.  the gusset is worked a little differently than you may typically see but it’s so very simple - the garter is what really makes it work… and the yarn is an aran weight. it’s not so heavy that the mits feel overly bulky and it’s just heavy enough that the ends roll only slightly. hello perfection. 

they’re fast.  they’re comfortable.  they’re versatile.  they’re durable.  now, go make some for yourself.

1 skein KnitPicks Andes del Campo - pictured color way is Dove.

1 set DPN US 8 (or needle size to get gauge)

4.5 stitches, 5.5 rows/inch in stockinette

other notions: yarn needle for finishing & one stitch marker


CO 32 sts distributed as follows: 10 (to be called “needle 1”),11,11

join for knitting in the round and work even in stockinette, knitting every round for 6” (or desired length)

set up for gusset: k4, m1L, k1, pm, k1, m1R, k to end

next round: k4, p1, k2 (slipping marker), p1, k to end


round 1: k to 1 st before marker, m1R, k1, slm, k1, m1L, k to end

round 2: k4, p to 1 st before marker, k1, slm, k1, p to last 4 sts on needle 1, k to end

repeat rounds 1 & 2 until you’ve worked up to 20 sts on needle 1 (ending with round 2)

next round: k4, BO 12, k to end

rejoin for hand as follows: k3, sl1, k1, psso, k to end (29 sts)

work even in stockinette for 2”

BO & weave in ends

(make another one and wear!)