technically, it was thurday but i’m including carl’s visit in our weekend.  mae loves carl.  the boy.  he gave her a hacky sack when they first met all those years ago and she still has it - she even tells people he knit it for her.  so, so cute.  she wanted to show him her favorite park.  i think he had a good time until he got sticky green goo on his hand.  eww.

we had lunch after our outdoor adventures, then headed home to scour my knitting books for patterns.  carl has just been through some major changes and hasn’t had his hands on the needles for ages.  i didn’t have much that was of interest to him but he did steal one of my stitch dictionaries.  we’ll have to have a library play date and really get down to business.

first friday at the murphy building

mare at maryanne’s studio.  i love both those ladies.  big time.

we ran into greg.  of course we ran into greg.  sweet heart & loved by all.  we had such a great night.  beautiful friends.  love.  hubs told me on the way home that he had been really tired and didn’t actually want to go out that night but knew i was already stressed about the situation with dropping alizah off for her weekend at her dad’s & he didn’t want to add to it.  he smiled and said, “i’m glad i went.  i had a really great time.”

cinco de mayo

we took on the laborious task of cleaning out the garage.  i thought i was going to sweat to death - but it needed to be done and in part because he found this little guy

the little fledgling was hopping all around getting stuck behind motorcycle parts and toys and boxes and i needed to get a hold of him.  we got everything cleared and swept and i finally snatched him.  i put him in a shady spot under his nest and a few hours later he was gone.  i’m hoping his mama got him.  eep!

we celebrated a job well done with cinco de mayo tacos.  ha! 

100 acres

every time i post about this place i say everyone in the indy area should go.  i love it.  it was hubs’ first time & we brought the dog.  it was his first time there, too.  we had such a beautiful day together walking and talking and playing and it was HOT but shady and the pooch was really quite well-behaved.

i’ve been feeling so full lately.  i’ve also been stressed - big time, but i bought this

and you know… i felt so much better.  ha!  the little things really can turn around a rough day.

honestly though, even when i make my way up to bed after every one else and there is absolutely NO place for me to lay between the husband, the kid, the dog, and the cats, i find a narrow slot and squeeze in - hot and cramped with the fan barely easing the heavy air - i feel so full & so happy in a way financial comfort or my professional life could never make me.  i know how valuable love is.  

also, i know my cat has super powers.


happy tuesday all! xo

thank you, more please.

gratitude.  it’s been a topic here.  choosing happiness and joy over defeat and sorrow.  our alizah is prone to seeing the glass as half empty and it was time for a talk.  she is a quiet child, mostly.  she is brilliant and beautiful and secretive and sly.  she’s a slippery one and i normally choose people with grit to share my time with.  it’s funny how we have been gifted to each other.  our talks often shift toward the side of lectures and this one was no different.  it’s hard to keep on the side of conversation when she is so tight-lipped.  how do you get through to a pre-tween that the cast shadow is only one perspective?  all you have to do is turn around and the light will be shining in your face.  so, i force happiness upon her for now.  my mare.  my lovely, kind mare has been buried under the burden of bad news repeatedly and yet i can still hear the smile in her voice.  my heart aches for everything she’s been through these past months - now more than ever.  i’ll follow suit.  i’ll smile through the pain like i’ve done so many times before. we’ll be the example still.

i had a dream last night that mae and i were driving through a cemetery on a cold, stormy night.  in the dream i got creeped out and then was suddenly walking down a dark hallway toward a morgue.  i could see a man’s body on a table at the end of the hall and i grabbed for the wall, then was transported to a crowded room where hubs and i were arguing about money.  a man came over and emptied his pockets giving me $1.37.  i burst into tears knowing he had just giving us everything he had to his name. more often than not my dreams are telling me stories.  i’ll stay aware.

i’m staying quite busy on the pattern writing front and am eager to move forward still.  i wrestled with a fairly simple bonnet pattern all last week and still have one arm to complete on millie (pictured above).  that bonnet.  so silly.  i was the bonnet lady for so long and there i was knitting, ripping, knitting, ripping, writing, scratching, knitting some more.  i thought i’d gone mad.  it’s those simple solutions that can be so damn elusive!  in the end, i finished and am quite happy with the outcome.  millie will be done soon enough and dellie is in testing.  lauren sent me pics the other day and so far so good.  god love her for working the 2T.  this is going to be such a relief when she’s finished.  i decided it was time to knit something for myself.  i need it right now - so one sweater was ripped to make way for the new.

i do this.  it’s actually one of my favorite things about knitting and something that makes most people have a knee-jerk reaction.  once i’ve knit something and i feel i’ve gotten my fare use of it, i will rip it out and re-stash the yarn or cast on immediately.  if i sew something i can never have that yard of fabric back, but if i knit something, that yarn is as perfectly useable as the day i bought it or spun it or what ever.  it’s the ultimate recycling and this yarn is five inches away from it’s new life already.


p.s. squam registration opened today!  i wish i wish i wish i was going.  another year.  or, maybe i’ll surprise myself as i’ve resolved to do….