ravelry link time! & KAL

ok friends. in addition to ravelry links today, i’m throwing a KAL out.

lauren and i tend to gravitate toward the same patterns so it was no surprise when she and i both fell in love with this new purl bee pattern.

i’ve begun a thread on the KAL page for the project. find that link here. i hope to see what everyone comes up with for this. i think its the perfect spring top so i’ll be pulling some knitpicks comfy from the stash and may even incorporate color work? woah. right?

now, for the links!

luisa leaves in the middle

the chaste sanna

shale lace top

warrior maiden mitts

hannah baby dress

not too girly mitts

very versatile top-down cardigan


apollo - my eyes are crossing but the details are fantastic!
Have a great mother's day, all! Xo

this is a weekly list of recently added items to ravelry.

i link them because i love them.

i look for articles with superb fit or drape & clever shaping, textures, and patterns. my hope is that i connect a knitter with a fantastic pattern they may not have noticed on their own as well as offer support, encouragement, and yes, even some free promotion for the hard working designers.


the busiest of them

these days, i mean…  i felt like i’d been treading water for far too long and now everything is magically falling into place just as it should.  it all comes in time.  the changes are coming to us like waves on the beach - sometimes slow and low, other times high and fierce.  we need it here.

the artisian fair is this weekend.  how is it here already?  i’m scrambling to get an inventory, make tags, price (ugh), and find the gaps.  there are always gaps.  i’ll post more about it later.  right now i’m totally burnt out on it and i feel the weight of all the things i’d still like to get done.  the booties are my fave though, so i’ll share them now.

and, yes, it’s true.  i finished the short row sweater in record time. so sorry kal friends.  i sort of smoked you guys.  it was completely unintentional!  on the bright side, i am completely smitten with the finished product.  mare tried in vain to get decent pics of it during our craft date so i guess those will have to wait.  here are pics of it during blocking:

not the greatest, i know.  but, you get the idea!

and in other news, it’s official!  (thanks goodness that’s over with.)


love.  xo