so, i went completely insane and started the green shawl over - again.  new yarn and completely new stitch pattern for the bottom half.  after all that extra work, i thought i should include some charts with the pattern just to make myself go totally bonkers.  it’s working by the way and the pattern will have to wait until the end of next week.  puhhh.

you know what isn’t waiting until the end of next week?  MEETING POINT.  she’s the soft little babe in the bottom left corner there…

(Holla Knits Spring/Summer Collection 2013)

allyson pulled together an amazing collection and it will be released on monday, april 15th on ravelry - check out all the delicious details at holla knits! or at allyson’s home blog, the sweatshop of love.

happy weekend xo

sweet november

the month begins with my new year.  i turn over a new number and sometimes a new attitude and if all goes well, a new perspective, too.

hello 32.  nice to meet you.

the house is busy and bustling and messy and the girls and i are enjoy a lot of time together as a clan of females.  mae just learned about the word… “faymall” as she says.  and “malls” - that girl.  alizah zipped right on up into women’s sizes quite out of the blue prompting a lot of conversations about why she fits into my clothes… and why i still dress like a child.  i think i’m ok with it.  it makes me think of the movie mean girls though:  “i’m not a regular mom, i’m a cool mom!” (and the girls all roll their eyes).  HA!

the boy spent some good, sweet quality time with us.  he’s so family.  i was fixing dinner and the girls were having one of their common quarrels and carl stepped in to mediate calmly and thoughtfully. it was wonderful. oh, and he had is giant scarf which is very impressive in size and in skill.  he has a unique gift for pushing through some of the most tedious of all knitting patterns.  

it’s still so hard nearly every day being without hubs and the ripples of that stone dropping.  mae has been lashing out at me because i’m here and it’s easy.  i feel like we’re creating new connections though - all of us - and the bonds we share are stretching and flexing and perhaps even changing color, but holding strong.  he calls often and sometimes we skype over the phone - which is one of my new favorite things to do.  the girls and dog all dance around acting like insane people (/canines) while we try to talk about our day.

i even got to squeeze a baby this past week - and you know that’s usually one of my top three things to celebrate.  oh, babies.  i made matching seedy bow bands for her and her mama and am currently working on another set for them to gift - cutest thing ever.  seriously.  it really made me want to go ahead and write up the pattern for it SO, it’s on my list!  i was pleasantly surprised the other to be tagged in an instagram pic where one of my friends spotted one of my knit onesies.  i knit these things and just fantasize about little squishy people filling them up, but to see it!  it melts me.  it really has given me a friendly shove to get patterns finished.  in fact, i’ll even be sending out a couple pattern submissions tomorrow!  crazy!  real workdone!

anyways… i promised some etsy shop updates way back when and guess what?  yup!  i actually posted a couple things.  it’s getting totally out of hand around here with all of this productivity.

feel free to check it out, or not.  no pressure. :)

lucy & the bird on etsy

it’s sort of weird starting over from scratch on there, but it is what it is and i’ll see how it goes.


and, since i’ve totally neglected this space and my readers and my friends here, i will be redeeming myself by doing a giveaway next weekend!

i’ll be posting all the information on that monday november, 26th!!!!



wishing you all a peaceful and safe thanksgiving (gobble gobble) xo

wip.fo wednesday

ashby, ashby, ashby.

i swear it took me longer to complete this shawl than ANY other i’ve ever knit.  it’s partly the sheer size.  i tend to revel in the speedy shawlette over the tedious shawl but i thought with this, the border would make things more interesting.  what i wasn’t prepared for was how tiring said boarder would become.  cables?  i don’t mess with those.  charts?  not unless absolutely necessary.  working bottom up?  not really my fave if i’m knitting a shawl or a sweater….  so why did i choose a pattern that incorporated all three?  um, look at it!  that’s why.

and i think what really killed the enthusiasm was that i royally screwed up about two repeats of the boarder in.  for some reason it just knocked me out of my usual rhythm.  i must have re-started the boarder half a dozen times before getting it right and being able to move on with my life.  don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with the pattern!  it’s not the pattern’s fault.  the pattern is absolutely simple and spectacular.  there’s something wrong with me.  i became a total spaz.

last night i even decided the colors were putrid.  i was pretty close to ripping the entire multi section.  seriously.  hubs held strong and told me the colors were lovely and that i was just really, really sick of looking at it.  he was (shhhhh) right.  i was able to zip through the… uh… last hundred or so rows this morning and have it blocked by noon.  once it was dry, i picked it up and wrapped myself in it like a little bat and all the agony melted away.  i used sock yarn even though the pattern calls for worsted and i went down a couple needle sizes but it’s still quite large.  it’s light and soft and delicious.  mmmm.  so, with all of that said (brace yourself) - i’m actually thinking about making another in some worsted wool.  i love the idea of an even larger one in some really wooly warm stuff for late fall or winter.  ooooh!  just the thought…. 

so, if you’re so inclined to make one of these for yourself, here is the ravelry link

now that i’ve got that ashby finished i sort of sit around staring at the floor.  then yesterday i decided i should once again go on the hunt for the perfect man socks.  i’ve been trying to knit something for my dad for about two years now.  his wife was easy - and now her shawl is collecting dust on the yarn rack.  i felt sort of weird sending something to her and nothing for him…. my dad is a no nonsense fella who is very bright and logical.  oh, and a cattle rancher… in colorado.  so, i’ve been thinking warm, rustic, durable… hmpf.  i’ve cast on about a half dozen projects and none seem to fit the bill.

however, i think my search has ended.

these socks are smashing!  they’re so fine in fact that hubs felt a sting on jealousy.  i promised him a pair once these are finished.  i’m using some knitpicks wool of the andes sport that i had on hand and i honestly can’t remember what the brown is.  it was actually yarn i bought for this very purpose two years ago and it ended up sharing the dust collecting duties with my step-mother’s shawl.  i’m not totally sold on the knitpicks yarn though…. and i’m not even going to have enough for a second sock (ehem) but it feels so good to be on the right track.  oh!  what pattern is this??? right, right. here you go

happy knitting, friends xo