wip.fo monday & workshop reminder

ok. i have casted on for the cap sleeve KAL and this is as far as i’ve gotten. hmph. i like the pattern quite well since it seems simple enough and well written but i find myself facing seams once again. i considered working in the round and saying damn it all - but - i suppose i’ll do as told and knit along merrily so. i’ll post more about the colors once there’s enough to actually see what i’m doing. it’s nothing more than a simple slip stitch, but i didn’t want a striped sweater and the slips are creating subtle little scallops - just enough to break it up.

this is another baby blanket for one of my mother’s friends. it’s not any sort of pattern but i think it’s going to turn out just as sweet as can be. i told you all i had lots of interest in that picot edge for other things and i think it’s just the frill this blanket was crying out for. one and a half sides are finished now and i hope to have it tied up and blocked by the end of the week. i’m really eager to see how it blocks. the yarn is knitpicks superwash in worsted weight so it’s snuggle soft and springy. i keep pulling on it this way and that to see if i can eye up the size it will end up.

sadly, that is all for now. i had a full week last week and will have an equally full week again. which reminds me….

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this weekend is the first of three mama & me classes!

info via homespun workshops & gallery:

Mommy & Me Knitting
Instructor: Pink Brutus Knits

This workshop meets for 3 sessions.
Saturdays May 19, 26 and June 2 2012, from 1:00p.m. to 2:30p.m., all sessions

This class is a beginners knitting class (ages 5 & up) and no experience is necessary. There are three different projects presented and completed during this workshop depending on the age of the student.
Parent- Simple Ribbed Cowl
Children-5-7 Tooth Fairy Pouch
Children-7 & up Hood Cap

Workshop Fee is $80 (for parent and child pair)
Students must provide their own supplies. The supply list will be given upon registration; items can be purchased locally and are readily available.

Courtney is a mother, wife, knitter, spinner, pattern maker, gardener, baker, crafter and a wearer of many hats. She is also the owner and creator of Pink Brutus Knits and Lucy & the Bird which is sold online and at our own Homespun: Modern Handmade.

to sign up, contact homespun:modern handmade

i’m very excited and still have quite a bit of work ahead me! thanks for all of your support xo

changes & staying

you’ve surely noticed i’ve done some major housekeeping here.  blog spring cleaning perhaps.

the site has been giving me fits as of late and i nearly switched my account to another blog host, but after a lot of consideration, hours of comparisons, and late nights editing here and there…. i’ve decided i’m best off staying put.

i’m gonna ride out the glitches for now and keep my fingers crossed that with the host renovating on their end, the problems are temporary.

one really fantastic thing the host has changed is it simplified its plans giving me a lower payment and more options for the site and readers.  win & win.  there is now a register link on the top menu.  if you’d like to register as a member, you can follow updates via e-mail, create a profile for commenting, and upload pictures in the SHARE your KNITS gallery.  fun?  i think so.

other news: i’m gonna go ahead and post a second recipe of the month on the 18th because i’m offering three different patterns by age for the first knitting workshop in may and would like to have them all up and available before the class begins.

alright friends.  enough of the boring stuff.  have a great day! xo

recipe of the month

with the onset of teaching knitting classes i’ve been moved to thinking about knitting as a beginner again - something i haven’t really thought about for some time now.  the first class i’m scheduled to teach is a mama & me class for parents and children ages 5 & up.  what a challenge, huh?  exciting though and i’m eager to get in there and put little hands to work with sticks and wool.

in very courtney form, i couldn’t decide on any existing patterns that would really offer what i wanted to teach the group so i wrote my own.  three actually with focus on different ages.  why not?  these patterns are so simple in their design, so quick to whip up, and so easy to write, i don’t even consider them patterns at all but recipes for creating a knitted item.  i’ve written them loosely and informally for the experienced knitter to look at and (hopefully) be inspired by.  they will also be here to serve as refreshers for students after they leave the guidance of the classroom.  

with this new beginning for myself and the students, i’m inspired to post a simple recipe each month.  i’m not sure how many months this will last but it would be quite sweet if i could keep the momentum for years!  we’ll see.  i make no promises, but for now it’s fun and exciting and it is an opportunity for me to give to you all.  

look for the first recipe to be posted wednesdy, april 4th!

if you live in the indianapolis area and are interested in more information on this and other classes, this is the link you want.