step, step, change

first things first.

hello you sweet spring.  seriously.  every easter i think the same thing as i’m shuffling around, going through the motions of my morning routine; “i can’t believe we survived another winter.”  winter used to be the longest, hardest, and most dreaded chunk of my year and it lingered… always… for too long.  SO, i’m beaming with joy and gratitude for the brighter months to come.

i’m also excited to share my designer interview over at HollaKnits!  it will be up later today, so please drop by and get the scoop.  i’m going to take part in the Holla Knits Blog Tour as well, so stay posted for updates on that.

the spring collection is set to debut on april 15th and after seeing all of the pieces i can honestly say it’s an honor to be among such talented designers.  every look is divine!  …and i will be knitting a couple of them.


there has been a fair amount of sweetness from my girls as of late, but equal if not rivaling amounts of sourness.  the waves we ride together…

mae is solidly 6 and the constant chattering has begun.  the other morning i woke up to her pinching my nose and saying, “so what, the new routine is ignoring me?”  no darling, this is called “sleeping” - she then proceeded to teach alizah and me about dog flubber. “dogs have flubber.  did you know that?  they swim in cold water so they have flubber.  you know how dogs go outside to go to the bathroom?  that’s why they have flubber… and fur.”

breathe in, smile, breathe out.


so, with the proposal off on it’s journey i wait and squirm.  i took a much needed break from editing because i was making ridiculous mistakes and was seriously questioning my sanity.  it’s also sort of depressing to sit and wait with piles of patterns around me and not have them doing a thing, so i designed a nice spring green shawl that i’ll be offering on ravelry next week.  

i’ve also begun another poncho - it’s child/teen sized and will most likely make its way into the collection.  this wasn’t my initial intent, but it just happens that way sometimes.  i will absolutely need to make an adult sized version as well.  pronto.

i’ll leave you know with some sweet pairings from these past weeks.  



he says i should be more regular

hubs in on the road 5 days at a time and home about 1-2 days… 

the last time he was here he said i should update my blog more often.  i think he’s right.  i should because i love it and because i feel nostalgic scrolling back and re-living summers past or troubles past.

this week’s kid quotes (especially for hubs):

mae asked, “when you teach your knitting do you say the pledge of allegiance first?”

when i was having a melt-down on the way home, alizah said, “mom, just keep calm and gangham style.”

i’ll tell you.  these past weeks have been a whirlwind of knit, eat, sleep, repeat.  my test knitters are buzzing through patterns like a hoard of mad women!  e-mails e-mails so much production, it makes my heart sing.  i was about to print all of the patterns out tonight so i can hold them, take them with me places, read them like i’ve never seen them before… then i realized it would be 101 pages.  seriously.  101.  snap.  i still have so many to type (insert gritting teeth).

carl or the boy as we call him came over to do some serious work of the editorial kind.  it was nice.  it reminded me of days long past - planning, thinking, collaborating, and walking away refreshed.  i revised and edited and revised some more. with a twisted belly and welling eyes, i sent it off.

ok.  steps.

i anticipate being a complete wreck for the next six months.  HA! (no, seriously.)

the up-side to being a complete wreck is that i can suddenly break scene and find random bits of our daily life downright hysterical.  anyone who knows me really, really well knows what it means when i say something has “struck me funny” - it’s what i say when i start laughing uncontrollably and the fit lasts for far too long.  that used to happen at work a lot.  i’m sure carl could tell some tales.  my favorite was when i answered the phone and couldn’t speak through the silent heaving.

hmmmm that’s good.  i’ll leave you with that.


guests and other quests


i can’t believe i didn’t link sooner.  here’s my guest blog over at HollaKnits.  swing by there and say hello, won’t you?  i’d love to know what you think of the new design!

this past week mae lost both front teeth and my big, sweet, beautiful alizah turned TWELVE.  you know, twelve is big and scary and really forcing me to think about my parenting - deep and thoroughly.

i think about how, when you have your first child, everyone tells you what it will be like those first months of parenting, then swiftly skip to those terrible toddler years with the potty training and tantrums, and then zoom right on into the teens and the dramas there, but no one really talks about what comes next.  what does come next?  you just push your little fledgling out of the nest and hope they fly rather than smacking square on the ground?  is the success of that first flight more dependent on baby bird or mama?  oldest child is the hardest to raise with no hindsight to work from.  sometimes i feel like i’m leading her through the forest blindfolded.  maybe that’s a reflection of my own rearing being (for all intensive purposes) an only child.  a true only child, actually.  and maybe it’s a reflection of my own child self, too.  as blindly as my mother guided me through the thicket, i too had my eyes covered.

all fears aside, i do have faith in that girl.  far more than she has in herself and i believe this will be the case for another decade or so.  she really is a stunning young lady and as she grows into her lanky limbs she will grown into her lanky mind and be a force.  i got a letter in the mail weeks back that she had tested in the top 25% of the entire school district and that the school needed my permission to conduct furthur testing so that she could be placed in one of the honors programs offered at the 7th & 8th grade center next year.  i signed the slip and the testing began.  days and days and she was tired but proud and told me all the kids she sits with at lunch were going through the program, too.  the “nerd” table i guess.  it’s impossible to convince her that she is just exactly where she is meant to be and that she will continue to become more awe inspiring with every new year.  right now she’s too busy worrying about the girls who don’t talk to her and feeling weird in her skin.


now for some sweetness.

this is how he wakes me.