two new (today's secret word is: Malabrigo)

two self-published designs are queued up and ready for release in the coming weeks!  september fingerless gloves will be available on ravelry september 1st (of course) - and the little moth shawlette soon after.  these are both designs i began working on in colorado and had put on the back burner for more pressing deadlines.  it will be so nice to finally release them.  malabrigo rules these patterns and i'm thoroughly grateful for the support the company has given me.

i also have the most amazing test knitters - ever.  these ladies are the nylon in my sock yarn.  if you're interested in joining the ranks you can fill out the form at the footer any time and will be added to the tester mailing list. 

september fingerles gloves modeled by my sweet alizah

september fingerles gloves modeled by my sweet alizah

and so it goes around here - knit, write, sketch, knit, fret... ha!  working so much with magazines lately has been a blessing and also a healthy bite of challenge as a designer - but more so as a business woman and writer.  i'm pushing through the moments of discomfort and feeling that hot energy of triumph.  for someone who airs on the side of self-destruction when it comes to professional endeavors by submitting to that feeling of bigness and letting it roll me over flat, i've been standing tall and strong like a willowy sapling bending to the wind without breaking and i'm starting to feel the bigness within.  

little moth shawlette

little moth shawlette monday & weekend blunders

i’m here!  i mean, i made it.  phew!  hahaha

i am so blasted sick of being sick i can’t even tell you.  wednesday and thursday i was walking around feeling better - even did that last post at the wee hours into friday morning.  THEN!  friday i woke up with neck and shoulders stiff and sore & my head pounding so i thought, ok.  take some ibuprofin and get on with it.  and that’s what i did.  and i ate breakfast and sat on the couch with mae and all the while was feeling worse and worse.  then i puked my guts out.  fever kicked in and i slept until 2:30.  mae made me some lunch (grapes and goldfish crackers) & decided she’d had enough of this nonsense.  she suggested she visit with nana since they would be spending the day together on saturday any how.  what a funny and clever girl she is.  nana came to her rescue and i dove back into my fever-induced slumber.

saturday was more of the same - and hub’s birthday.  whoops.  he went out of town with his dad so the guilt was lifted a bit.

sunday came and i was crawling the walls!  mae and i grabbed nana and headed for the ima where we saw some some of this:

and some of this:

 but really, most importantly, while laying about on saturday…  THIS HAPPENED!

 i really enjoyed knitting this even if it may have been a personal record for dragging a project of this size out.  the details are just exquisite in this tiny gem & it was fun working the bottom up.  it gave my brain something new to process… and… i will say there was a thrill in finishing with three stitches.   here is the pattern link : andrea’s shawl

i hope everyone has a lovely monday! xo