wip.fo wednesday

ashby, ashby, ashby.

i swear it took me longer to complete this shawl than ANY other i’ve ever knit.  it’s partly the sheer size.  i tend to revel in the speedy shawlette over the tedious shawl but i thought with this, the border would make things more interesting.  what i wasn’t prepared for was how tiring said boarder would become.  cables?  i don’t mess with those.  charts?  not unless absolutely necessary.  working bottom up?  not really my fave if i’m knitting a shawl or a sweater….  so why did i choose a pattern that incorporated all three?  um, look at it!  that’s why.

and i think what really killed the enthusiasm was that i royally screwed up about two repeats of the boarder in.  for some reason it just knocked me out of my usual rhythm.  i must have re-started the boarder half a dozen times before getting it right and being able to move on with my life.  don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with the pattern!  it’s not the pattern’s fault.  the pattern is absolutely simple and spectacular.  there’s something wrong with me.  i became a total spaz.

last night i even decided the colors were putrid.  i was pretty close to ripping the entire multi section.  seriously.  hubs held strong and told me the colors were lovely and that i was just really, really sick of looking at it.  he was (shhhhh) right.  i was able to zip through the… uh… last hundred or so rows this morning and have it blocked by noon.  once it was dry, i picked it up and wrapped myself in it like a little bat and all the agony melted away.  i used sock yarn even though the pattern calls for worsted and i went down a couple needle sizes but it’s still quite large.  it’s light and soft and delicious.  mmmm.  so, with all of that said (brace yourself) - i’m actually thinking about making another in some worsted wool.  i love the idea of an even larger one in some really wooly warm stuff for late fall or winter.  ooooh!  just the thought…. 

so, if you’re so inclined to make one of these for yourself, here is the ravelry link

now that i’ve got that ashby finished i sort of sit around staring at the floor.  then yesterday i decided i should once again go on the hunt for the perfect man socks.  i’ve been trying to knit something for my dad for about two years now.  his wife was easy - and now her shawl is collecting dust on the yarn rack.  i felt sort of weird sending something to her and nothing for him…. my dad is a no nonsense fella who is very bright and logical.  oh, and a cattle rancher… in colorado.  so, i’ve been thinking warm, rustic, durable… hmpf.  i’ve cast on about a half dozen projects and none seem to fit the bill.

however, i think my search has ended.

these socks are smashing!  they’re so fine in fact that hubs felt a sting on jealousy.  i promised him a pair once these are finished.  i’m using some knitpicks wool of the andes sport that i had on hand and i honestly can’t remember what the brown is.  it was actually yarn i bought for this very purpose two years ago and it ended up sharing the dust collecting duties with my step-mother’s shawl.  i’m not totally sold on the knitpicks yarn though…. and i’m not even going to have enough for a second sock (ehem) but it feels so good to be on the right track.  oh!  what pattern is this??? right, right. here you go

happy knitting, friends xo

wip.fo monday

hello sweet friends.  oh the things i have to share today.

for starts

the baby blanket for my mama’s friend is done and gone.  it turned out so perfectly sweet with the eyelets and picot edge.  perfection.

this mysterious little strip has already been transformed, but i think i’m going to hold off for a bit on sharing that.  i love the green.  it’s knitpicks wool of the andes pampas heather.  

another mystery project and to be honest, it’s still a bit of a mystery to me as how i’ll pull it off. i guess when i know, you’ll know.  HA!

poor little lattice sweater.  i can’t get into the groove of this for some reason.  i must not be in the right mood - or i’m just seriously distracted.  school lets out on friday which is exciting and everyone is groaning about cutting the nights short to go to bed - because when it’s light at 9pm it still feels like there is life left in the day.  also, hubs lost his job a couple weeks ago quite abruptly.  he has already started another, but his line of work is very, very tricky.  i’m trying to stay positive during this transitional period.  trying.  once everything settles i know i will ease back in to my knitting and let the steady rhythm take me away to a place of inspiration rather than worry.  …back to lattice though… i even thought about buying yarn specifically for the project.  that usually gets me excited.  poor stash yarn.  i’ll wait another couple of weeks and see where the breeze takes me.

what a score!  i picked this up at half price books yesterday.  i was looking for something that might be good for the boy, but i like it so well he’s gonna have to make copies of the patterns he wants.  Ha!  this is MINE.  

hubs spotted a sweater he wants right away (weird) 

but i’m really into the vests

i’d love to shrink this to fit a boy.  i was thinking of you, mare!  and maybe the small would fit a woman with a few simple alterations.  after reading through the patterns i think my only *meh* is that they’re all knit so that there is quite a bit of finishing.  i hate seams.  LORD do i ever.  i think i can suffer through though.  all the items in this book are classic and beautifully shaped.  it’s so hard finding things for men that i think they would enjoy and my guy is the most difficult guy on earth to knit for.  how did i get so lucky?

so, with that i wish you all a happy monday.  i’ll be here tomorrow with some fun bits from our weekend. xo