more delicious gifts from the garden

this watermelon came straight out of the garden and into our tummies this morning.
at first i was shocked to find it to be far less sweet than our tomatoes have been, but alizah being the queen of the obvious says, "mmmm.  it tastes just like store bought!"  LOL  she's such a trip.... and she hit the nail on the head.  it tasted just like store bought and we gobbled it up!

more goodies have been collected!  these cherry tomatoes are just completely out of control. i've been giving bags of them away to anyone who will take them!  the little green tomato was some sort of casualty, but it will find itself fried up and enjoyed.

the new phase...


i’ve been making ballet flats.  hey!  why not?

these are gracie girl’s.  she chose the fabric, so the little goth princess better love them!  LOL















these are for miss kenleigh <3

so sweet!

in other news…
i pickled all the serrano and jalapeno peppers i’ve had sitting around turning from fire green to blazing red!  i followed a super easy cold pickle recipe… where did i find it???  dang.
well, super easy - it called for white vinegar, coarse salt, and clove garlic.
i believe it was a half teaspoon per pint vinegar & one clove garlic per jar.
i sliced the peppers into coins, put them in a ball jar, added the vinegar and salt mixture (i mixed it separately and allowed the salt to dissolve), and the garlic, and ta-da!  so, into the fridge they went for two weeks.  the recipe says after the two week pickling period, the peppers should be usable indefinitely.  gotta keep ‘em refrigerated though.