the final count down

i thought for sure i’d post something about all the knitty gifts i made this year but… life happens.  ha!

i’ve decided to torture recipients by taking the picture with the item and blogging about it after the holiday.  i think that sounds much more fun.

i have some really sweet pics to share but first, BUSINESS!

for some crazy, unknown, and quite frankly, infuriating reason, some emails are being lost to spam folders.  if you have sent me a message and never received a response, i am SO SORRY! i’m not really sure how to fix the issue right now, but i knew immediately after finding a few that i needed to take action.  i started a ravelry group called PBK LOVE for anyone knitting one of my patterns so that you can post questions, comments, jokes, what ever… and it won’t be lost to the evil internet.  i’m hoping this will be a great way for me to communicate with you & you can communicate with others.

 here’s the link to the group

now, for the fun stuff.

the real santa


mae’s beautiful art

the boy

new designs are flowing now

like i said, new designs FLOWING

mae has become a very good teacher

i’m going to take some good, wholesome time off to lap up these last days before the holiday.  i’ll be back after the whirlwind for some post-holiday musings.  please have a truly blessed week xo


nature's birdfeeder

we have tons of honey bear blooms dying and drying, so i decided to cut them down and strip the dead petals.  i had planned on popping all the seeds out and letting the girls make bird feeders, but alas alizah was busy with her guitar and mae would rather be riding her bike.  then i thought the sunflowers themselves would do the trick!  i’ll save the bird feeder idea for the next batch of flowers.

hubs says my hanging sunflowers are like something out of “children of the corn” LOL

also finished alizah’s floor cushion the other night.  she likes it quite a bit, but mae has truly become attached to hers!  she insisted on bringing it to school for nap time yesterday and when she realized she had left it there last night i think there was a moment when she was about to freak out.  poor little girl!

here’s alizah’s:

this one went along super fast.  much faster than the first.  that’s a good sign!

in knitting news, i finished knitting one of the hats my step-dad has requested.  he’s a fireman and thought it would be brilliant to have beanies with the various crests embroidered on them for his fellow firefighters.  i ordered some peruvian highland wool and thought it would be best to give three options as far as style.  i’ll be doing one with raglan shaping, one with fold-up ribbing, and one very simple run of the mill beanie…

i also started a basket from the more last minute gifts book.  so far so good!

and this is the raglan shaping on the first fireman’s hat