good monday

small glimpses from today.  a good day.  a warm day.  a budding day.

so big.  an old man at the coffee shop yesterday said, “watch out for her.  she’ll be a teenager soon.”  yes, she will.  she looks so tall and lean here.


this came in the mail.  it’s lovely.  i’m holding it for an especially quiet time so that i can sit and read and think and absorb.  maybe next to the garden beds with coffee in hand.  as you know, that’s “mama’s zen time” and i’m thankful for this warmth that has rolled in with mama’s (much needed) zen time on it’s tails.

mare made this for me.  she had made one months ago for herself and i was tempted to take that one right then and there.  i love it.  it’s so good to have a moment of mare - bright, bold mare - in my home.

a new addition to lucy & the bird!  leggings.  knit heart leggings with not one stitch on the needles.  

the i love ewe’s.  i printed them today after going through the exhausting process of block to screen saturday.  the dark asphalt shirt with white ink is getting all the love.  i’ll make lot’s of those.  

good monday.  you don’t hear that much now do ya?  it was.  it had it’s ups and downs and i had a minor melt down on the phone what that mare lady i talk about all the time - but i ate all the rest of the cupcakes mae brought home from her sleep over and poured myself a glass of wine.  instant happiness.  HA!  i’m feeling even now.  i have work to do and money to (scrape together and) spend.  i have a good direction for the summer wears - a tricky season for the knitterly.  inching along.  steady.


this week

i printed 18 shirts that i’ll be shipping out later today.  fingers crossed for a good reception.  

i would have never gotten as far as i did without my new best friend.  clothing tag guns are totally cool.  this order i’m filling right now consists of about 80 items - 50-something are hand knit.  that is a huge amount of work… and tagging.  i have 36 of those items done and boxed right now.  phew!  i placed a huge yarn order last night because believe it or not… my stash is NOT going to cover this.  i still have dozens of items to make for my new online store, too!  if i can get this order filled i can put my nose to the grindstone for my shop.

i made alizah put on that sweater i knit for her oh so long ago.  i still haven’t made time to weave in the ends, but i love it on her.  

i started making these little toe dip socks.  why does the toe make them so cute?  it’s really quite fantastic.

both birds escaped.  as you can see they stayed close to home, but it was hours before they were both captured.  hubs is the official bird trapper in the house.  he has skills.  i will say though…. if we didn’t have two cats dead set on making these tweeters their dinner (and if they didn’t make little poops everywhere) i would have no concerns about having them fly about the house at all times.  they stayed together for the most part and fluttered from plant to plant, nestling down in them and pecking at the soil.  they would land on a figurine head and we’d laugh or cuddle up next to one of my bird statues and we’d awe.  then mare told me a story of her parent’s birds and how they would do just that - and drink from the sink and i gushed.  

we made play dough and not the typical play dough we make around here (plain old bread dough.  have at it kids!)  no.  i used this fantastic recipe by this fantastic chick.  thanks to mare for pinning it on pinterest.  i was babysitting my usual two and thought it would be a nice project for us (especially after mare gave it such a raving review).  all i had to send hubs out for was the cream of tartar, kool-aid packs, and plastic containers.  i guess while he was studying the kool-aid selection and carefully choosing the widest variety of colors a woman trying to snatch up her fair share of kool-aid gave him a slanty look.  hubs being hubs said, ‘oh sorry.  my wife is making play dough with this stuff.’ like… i’m not retarded.  i’m just picking pretty colors for my super rad wife.  her eyes lit up and she wanted all the details.  what do you need?  how do you make it? where did she find the recipe?  poor hubs.  he rattled off his shopping list and said, ‘that’s all i know.  i get the stuff, she makes it happen.’  poor defeated kool-aid lady.

i hope you all had an exciting, busy, creative, loving, growing, and fun filled week, too.  if not - there’s always this week. xo

when it rains

it pours and the vacuum, the dryer, and the toaster become possessed.  at least that’s what i’ve come to understand this week.  i have a clothesline in the kitchen and i bought a new vacuum and the toaster miraculously stopped turning everything into charcoal.  thank heavens!  we also had our first bird catastrophe.  luckily no birds were harmed in the great cage collapse of 2012.  the cat.  that evel kitty.  alizah and i were off running errands and came home to the cage completely overturned on the floor. the back had broken loose in the fall and some of the bars were bent.  of course, seed and pellets and water were spilled out onto the carpet (like, in a way that would have made me run outside screaming had i not just replaced the broken vacuum).  the birds were fine though and i wonder what sort of memory birds have.  the cage is back on it’s table - and firmly secured to the wall.

speaking of, i moved some things around on the walls…. then i was faced with the sea of holes.  mmm.  i spackeled yesterday.  it was sort of fun in a weird fresh start sort of way… erasing all the previous configurations of photos and mirrors.

and i got my new duvet cover from west elm.  and i began working on screens.

i had to dig the screens from the furthest depths of the closet under the stairs along with all the tools that go with them.  it was a chore for sure but it was sort of sweet and therapeutic getting all that messy stuff out again.  i usually forget that piece of me that had ink stains on every article of clothing and chronically dry hands from all the scrubbing.  i guess i’ve always been a process kind of girl.  horses: curry, hard brush, soft brush.  litho: grit down the line.  knitting: cast on, knit, cast off.  the end product is never the reward.

so, productivity is the word for the week.  another e-mail from homespun has pushed me into production.  by my calculations they are out of - um, everything.  or just about.  this is fantastic news of course.  and the screens aren’t just for kicks either.  i’m expecting my first large delivery of t-shirts and the e-commerce website is buzzing right along.  plan plan plan.  it’s so good and scary and it makes me want to stick my head in the sand mostly but i’m not going to.  i’m trying to keep scorpio on a short leash right now and let monkey take the reins.  let’s go!

the sun had been shining until today.  another bleak rainy one, but this weather has me in limbo.  my natural cycle is completely off course.  alizah and i bought seeds yesterday.  we planted catnip in an indoor container.  i missed growing catnip.  what a fantastic little plant - so prolific.  then we found this white ceramic orb-ish hanging planter that came with basil, oregano, and cilantro seeds and couldn’t resist!  we planted those, too.  i don’t anticipate a lot out of them but it felt good just to do it - to find a sunny spot and go for it.

as for a knitting update?  HA!  right…


this dreary out of focus pic says it all!  saroyan is creeping.  man.  i really love the pattern, too which is the funny bit of it.  i suppose i’ll get back into the groove when other things move aside.  it’s my go-to excuse, you know.  also, truth.  

so.  off i go.  work awaits.  happy tuesday, all! xo