the final count down

i thought for sure i’d post something about all the knitty gifts i made this year but… life happens.  ha!

i’ve decided to torture recipients by taking the picture with the item and blogging about it after the holiday.  i think that sounds much more fun.

i have some really sweet pics to share but first, BUSINESS!

for some crazy, unknown, and quite frankly, infuriating reason, some emails are being lost to spam folders.  if you have sent me a message and never received a response, i am SO SORRY! i’m not really sure how to fix the issue right now, but i knew immediately after finding a few that i needed to take action.  i started a ravelry group called PBK LOVE for anyone knitting one of my patterns so that you can post questions, comments, jokes, what ever… and it won’t be lost to the evil internet.  i’m hoping this will be a great way for me to communicate with you & you can communicate with others.

 here’s the link to the group

now, for the fun stuff.

the real santa


mae’s beautiful art

the boy

new designs are flowing now

like i said, new designs FLOWING

mae has become a very good teacher

i’m going to take some good, wholesome time off to lap up these last days before the holiday.  i’ll be back after the whirlwind for some post-holiday musings.  please have a truly blessed week xo


the great printastrophe is over.

yes. i did it. and, as promised - the update.

the block. it’s a lino block and it’s seen it’s share of wear. sweet little goat boy in all of his delicious glory. i had decided once and for all to create a screen using this very block. using water based block ink and a brayer, i printed the image onto un-stretched silk cut to size. the image printed so easily and was perfectly crisp.

then it was time for the tedious - long and painstakingly detailed - work of hand painting the image with drawing fluid. this is a little risky because there are really no guarantees as to how clean the fluid will rinse away after adding the screen filler - especially with so many tiny marks and details. i just had to go for it. i used a 000 round brush for almost the entire image. zzzzz i stretched the silk after the fluid was dry (this is an old hat thing. most people should stretch the silk first while it’s wet).

i pulled the screen filler, let dry, then washed the fluid out or… scrubbed the fluid out vigorously (insert limp, tired arms here).

pulled as i normally would with silkscreen ink of the fabric variety. i know i lost some of the beautiful details but at this point, it’s a perfectly acceptable trade off. PLUS, with all the bleeding and other issues i was getting before i lost details anyways. the icing is that i printed three shirts (because mae needs one of everything mama makes) in about 5 minutes rather than screwing around with that block for a half hour on each shirt.

now that i completed the kids, i’m excited to set to work on the i love ewe. that one should be comparatively easier! xo