snip snip :: refresh

images from top to bottom:

anniversary orchids from my sweetie (anniversary part 1)  it’s really a funny story.

mongomery, indiana

our view at the women’s retreat

the fat mini horse

our morning view of the mini horses and donkeys

mini horse and mama

carriage parking for the amish stores and bakery

the goodies i brought home:

wool trivets

presto jars with glass gaskets

amish dandelion jelly (which tastes like honey! oh my.  if you’ve never tried it, you must), amish pickles, & amish marshmallow peanut butter

mae tried out the foot bath and scrub as laid out during one of our lectures at the retreat.

catnip!  it’s huge and growing like crazy. catnip and ginger tea has been an evening ritual around here as of late.

happy monday, dear friends.  i have some funny knitting stories to share with you wednesday. xo

snip snip :: eats

 from top to bottom:

nettles from my blog love, heather (tea time has never been so sweet)

tortellini soup with leeks, feta & cracked pepper

rice & kale with bacon

white cake cupcake with whipped honey & fresh strawberries

home made popcorn (unseasoned) stirred into caramelized butter & marshmallow and topped with a sprinkling of salt

roasted poblano pepper & bacon frittata

leek, corn & pasta soup with cucumber, red onion & fresh olive oil marinated mozzarella salad