more spin, less twist

i tried my hand at hand painting last nigt, then spun the roving up this morning.  curses!  i forgot to take a pic of the roving!  next time….

the yarn didn’t turn out at all as i had expected, but now that i’m knitting with it all of the colors are coming back and in a soft self striping sort of way.  once i have a bit more knitted on the slipper socks, i’ll post pics.

i spun this one yesterday, then kettle dyed it today.  i think it turned out beautifully!

i’m wondering if there’s still a bit too much twist in it…. we’ll see when i start knitting with it, i guess!  i’m feeling much more comfortable at the wheel already and i’m glad to see my singles evening out!


i’ve been completely pre-occupied with this wheel!  LOL

i’m really sloppy on it still but i’m glad i spent those countless hours with my arms over my head dealing with those drop spindles.  the lessons i learned there are beginning to carry over.  just as a reference point, the last yarn i spun with a drop spindle was this

it’s a heavy lace weight spun from 100% merino undyed wool.  isn’t it delicious?

one of my goals with this wheel was to spin some super bulky yarn that wasn’t frilly and furry (which seems to be the majority of yarn in the “super bulky” category) because i think to execute the kerchicowl contraption properly, it must be done super bulky.  i was having one hell of a time doing this on a drop spindle…. on a wheel?  it’s cake!  actually, it seems to be the only thing i CAN do.  it sure does go quickly though!  i had three bobbins spun before 10am!

the blue i dyed with jacquard bright blue acid dye. the white is natural.  nautical love.

in other news, izzy’s legs are done.  man, that mismatched cuff might drive me nuts.  the hubs loves it.  he thinks they’re just as cute as can be - and i’m sure izzy won’t mind one bit!