Cuff to Cuff and customization

Back in January of 2014 the Cuff to Cuff socks were born in the late afternoon on a sunny, biting cold day that made getting out of bed nearly impossible.  The only room in the house with a TV was our bedroom so we had some epic family cuddle sessions while watching movie marathons like... all the Jurassic Park movies in order... and bed is where I did my best thinking.

I hate knitting two of anything and socks are no exception.  I talked a bit about it when I first shared the socks, but that was many, many moons ago.  My problem is the casting on of the second sock.  I just feel blocked and then give up; it suddenly feels like a chore rather than an adventure.  SO, I thought, why not just keep this baby going?  Just keep on knitting and never have to cast on a second time?

The first pair - pictured above on the left - knit up quickly and I documented the process of separating the pair for others who might try this method, but also as a guide for myself - like, hey!  don't forget how you did this!  As soon as the toes were grafted, I cast on a second pair in a slightly heavier yarn (pictured on the right).  Hubs called them swap socks for the obvious color swap that developed.  I still wear those babies as soon as cold weather sets in.  Both pairs were worked in Stockinette with no frills - just a little ribbed cuff.

When I was working on Family-Friendly Knits, I included Cuff to Cuff in sizes ranging from kid's to men's and with a tidy little panel of textured stitches that would read correctly worked from cuff down and toe up.  The Cuff to Cuffs came to be right around that same time that the book, Up, Down, All Around  Stitch Dictionary by Wendy Bernard was released.  I always thought that stitch dictionary was the perfect tool for customizing the the stitch panel on the socks.  Of course, I still haven't gotten my hands on a copy, but when I do... I'm resurrecting the Cuff to Cuff!