run aways

sometimes you just need to get out of dodge.

we have the great fortune of having friends with welcoming families who live in magical places and invite us to share in it with them.

on the road with the three kid-os

once we arrived i plopped down on the couch and watched some “tv”

these windows are grand!  as grand as the matching set on the other side of the house behind where i was sitting.  it was like a tunnel of light.  flower gardens were in sight and birds of all kinds swooped, hopped, and pecked in view.  the pasture sits just beyond the gardens and the horses can be seen most of the day.  the first morning mae woke up and sat here she squealed, “HORSES!”  i think she forgot where she was for a second.  ha!


mae’s favorite spot

sitting on the hill with my girl after dinner and watching the horses graze, watching the sun settling behind the trees, and talking about all the things we’ve seen and done.

mare’s mother is a child whisperer and she had a special task for the children.  our first night the kids presented us with menus and asked us to choose what we would like for breakfast the next morning.  it was so sweet.  the kids woke up and made sure we had our coffee and toasted breads, applied spreads, and acted as nooka’s servers as the food came off the stove.  cash was extremely excited about the whole thing.  it was so sweet.

the red boots

hmm i cant remember if this was before or after the great grasshopper attack of 2012.  i’m thinking after.  (thanks for the shot mare <3)

mae was pretty peeved that mama went riding without her.  she and i hopped on and went for a solo stroll not once - but TWICE (and my butt is still paying the price)

it’s a good time to talk.  she asked me a lot of questions and we talked about all sorts of things like gm crops and all the things you can make out of soy.  ha!  kids are open to just about anything and i’m a wealth of weird knowledge.  how many other opportunities do we have like that in our days though?  such a blessing.  she said she likes how good i am at driving horses & that she wished we had one so that i could teach her all the things i know.  it sort of broke my heart a little.

she is so very at home here.  boots on, horse noses to pet, wide open spaces to hoot and run and ride, dirt to sink her toes into…

we’re grateful for the hospitality, warmth, & kindness.  i hope we can make it back soon with alizah in tow (who, if you’re wondering is finally coming home from camp!  she cried when her dad picked her up and begged to stay another week.  woah.  when i talked to her she said she’s a changed woman and will no longer be wearing shoes or sleeping indoors.) 


now that i’m a fully functioning human again, i’ll be here more.  i’m switching things up a bit.  

as circumstances change, so do we. xo

home again, naturally



it was fantastic.  two cool, rainy days - one spent at the mall on bungees, one spent at wonder works where mama and grandma laid on a bed of nails.  

home again.  

cleaning to do, unpacking to do, re-packing to do, and life to resume.

i feel like i haven’t had a moment to just sit or think since we returned - i worked all day yesterday, then dinner with fantastic friends, today pumpkin patching (which is perfect for our picture challenge today - ORANGE!!!) so i’m squeezing in this moment while the girls are content and my coffee cup is full.

today is sunday.  the girls are leaving for florida tuesday afternoon.  they’ll all load up with the little girls i know and love and when they get home they will bring with them a new mae.  a big mae.  a FIVE YEAR OLD mae.  it’s hard to believe really.  next week my baby - our baby - the family baby is going to be a kid.  like, a real honest to goodness kid.

what a hard thing to accept as a mama.  babies grow up too damn fast.

i took this pic first thing in the morning yesterday in search of my challenge pic and i think it’s one of my all time faves of us.  she’s still so small.  she’s still such a babe.

if it wasn’t me there in the middle, i’d be totally jealous of those people.

in other news… i deleted my tumblr account.  what tumblr account you ask?  exactly.  hubs and the girls had lunch with me at the shop yesterday and we got to talking about blog land.  hubs has completely abandoned his blog.  goodbye.  he said he loves tumblr and won’t be going back.  i started thinking about it during our long spells of quiet, customer-less work hours and decided to start a new account.  the other side.  not the me here.  not really.  

so, i decided to play catch-up on my blog reading (the yarn harlot had some great posts by the way…) and TWO blogs are bidding farewell!  hmmm.  i’m not sure how i feel about this - selfish little me.  not i though.  not now or any time soon.  i just got back in the saddle and it’s not quitting time yet.  i’m glad to have a direction with the new tumblr account though.  before it was all weird knitting related stuff i’d find in interwebspace… now, i’m going toward the random musings of my life not completely related to anything i “DO” like crafting or mothering or gardening or whatevering…

maybe someday i’ll link it.  maybe.  until then.  xoxox


back home... and all that

we’re back!  and i’d love to stay and share all the stories of our adventures, but since the maniac four-year-old is destroying her bedroom (and baby oil is involved) it will have to wait  until i have time to really get down to the knitty gritty.  SO, enjoy some pics.  of course, i have no time for cropping or editing either.  enjoy my toes, too :D


thank the heavens for portabe dvd players and red box!


mae’s “rocket”  she loved this thing!


alabama may have been one of the strangest places i’ve ever been (story coming soon) but it did deliver us warm breezes and sunshine on the way down!

whip that hair, girlie!


alabama gas station… mae didn’t want to leave.  such a silly girl!


hello florida!!!

bridge to gulf breeze

evening swim after a LONG five state drive….

first steps onto the beach

the cool elephant fountain near the loby.  so cute! (this is totally a grandma picture btw, but i don’t care)

the entire day was spent in the pool or on the beach where mae enjoyed having hermit crab races and swimming with a swan, and mommy got REALLY sunburnt watching it all happen.  i’ll upload pics from my phone at some point, too because the pic of mae buried in the sand is rad.