wip.fo monday & weekend blunders

i’m here!  i mean, i made it.  phew!  hahaha

i am so blasted sick of being sick i can’t even tell you.  wednesday and thursday i was walking around feeling better - even did that last post at the wee hours into friday morning.  THEN!  friday i woke up with neck and shoulders stiff and sore & my head pounding so i thought, ok.  take some ibuprofin and get on with it.  and that’s what i did.  and i ate breakfast and sat on the couch with mae and all the while was feeling worse and worse.  then i puked my guts out.  fever kicked in and i slept until 2:30.  mae made me some lunch (grapes and goldfish crackers) & decided she’d had enough of this nonsense.  she suggested she visit with nana since they would be spending the day together on saturday any how.  what a funny and clever girl she is.  nana came to her rescue and i dove back into my fever-induced slumber.

saturday was more of the same - and hub’s birthday.  whoops.  he went out of town with his dad so the guilt was lifted a bit.

sunday came and i was crawling the walls!  mae and i grabbed nana and headed for the ima where we saw some some of this:

and some of this:

 but really, most importantly, while laying about on saturday…  THIS HAPPENED!

 i really enjoyed knitting this even if it may have been a personal record for dragging a project of this size out.  the details are just exquisite in this tiny gem & it was fun working the bottom up.  it gave my brain something new to process… and… i will say there was a thrill in finishing with three stitches.   here is the pattern link : andrea’s shawl

i hope everyone has a lovely monday! xo

wip.fo monday

(color is accurate in top photo)

remember last week when i showed that little cuff and said it was a wip turned rip?  well, not only did i cast on again in another yarn (the left over malabrigo arroyo from the pleats & arrows tunic), i even finished the pair in record time.  i want to say it took me two and a half days??? (!) crazy.  the pattern floated out of my head so if you were hoping for a link… so sorry.  but wait!  there’s hope!  i was thinking of posting the pattern as the recipe of the month on wednesday.  and there you have it.

this is fledge.  it was one of my ravelry links but a finished object none the less. again, a record time knit partly because i just love that madeline tosh prairie and partly because this is the sweetest, easiest, tiniest shawlette ever.  i love it & i’m already thinking about making another.

holy llama!

my first go at spinning llama this week.  this is no fo though.  this yarn is a work in progress, so stay tuned for the llama knitty gritty.

i also casted on another pair of socks last night, but the quarter inch of ribbing wasn’t exactly worth documenting here.  plus, i may end up ripping them out and using that yarn for another fledge.  it’s funny how i’ll be on such a roll and everything i’m working on seems so very perfect and then, SLAM!  i hit the wall.  that’s what happened last night.  i was working on swatches with the llama and they were all just sort of - eh.  so i thought, ‘i’m tired, and this is for a special recipient so… maybe i’m just overwhelmed.  take a break from this.’ i picked up the sock that i had been working on earlier in the day and ripped it all out, then decided on another pattern.  it’s still not doing it for me though - somehow - a quarter inch in.  blah.

i’m waiting on some yarn to arrive and then i’ll be casting on for a shawl i’ve been saving my pennies for.  maybe that’s it.  nothing can replace the project i really want to knit!

with that i bid you all adieu.  have a great monday & i’ll see you wednesday with the recipe of the month!

wip.fo monday & giants

i finally made it to the computer!  yay!  i was up and out of the house this morning with a long list of errands.  those days always sort of escape me - they slip through my fingers and before i know it the kids want dinner.  what’s that about?  ha!  so… some quick project updates…

1. wips

nimbus.  she’s sweet, light & fluffy.  now, if i could just bite the bullet and get those sleeves done!  it’s knit to fit mae so, about a 5T and i’ve finished the bottom so i really don’t have far to go.  i think i just need an extra push - a burst of energy - or….

a distraction!  like the wip that became a rip.  i actually thought it would be a good idea to knit another pair of socks - without a pattern.  i got six inches in last night and decided i loved that yarn too much for my future shawl and that another yarn would do just fine as these socks instead.  it’s true, and i’ll be happy for it later.  the good thing is that the stitch pattern makes for fast work & after a week of chipping away on nimbus (which is in a lace weight yarn) this sock yarn might as well be super bulky!  HA!

2. giants

mae and i re-discovered one of our favorite songs yesterday.  i didn’t even realize i missed it until i heard it again.  here is a cute video:


now that we’ve found it again, she makes me play the video over and over and she whispers along.  it’s pretty sweet.

i hope everyone is having a beautiful monday!  xo