a brief hello

new stuff… tra la la la….

but really, i shouldn’t be eating up my time here.  i have so much still that needs to be done before our trip and blogging really isn’t one of them.  i got so much crafty work done - even bought supplies for my booth - display stuff and burlap and muslin and hopefully a table cloth with come of it…  wow.  i’m supposed to be making this brief - 

HOWEVER, mae asked me to take this pic today and i thought it was worth sharing.  sharing and remembering.

it’s crazy to see her with that pup… that monster of a PUP! and i think about the pics i had taken way back nearly a year ago when she was bigger than him and the terrible puppy times seemed endless.  don’t get me wrong, we still have terrible puppy times, but he’s mostly bigger than his mind tells him he is so he’s clumsy and awkward and is always in that spot he’s not supposed to be in (like my entire side of the bed).  he still eats my little ponies and chews the toes off baby dolls but he’s also our sweet guardian.  

off to fold another load of laundry. xo


i just posted some new stuff to the shop - and it was about time, too!  i’ve been so busy with the kids and the extra kids and the outings and our upcoming trip (squeal!!!) that i’m feeling especially ADD right now.  i’m so completely preoccupied right now that i just up and skipped HOSTS today.  horrible.  i didn’t even realize what i had done until after 10am.  mae asked if my kids were there and i told her they were and then i envisioned them sitting at a table with an empty seat and no explanation.  OH GUILT.  and i won’t be there next monday either because we’ll be on that trip i mentioned.  SO, anyways.  the new stuff.

i absolutely love this infinity scarf!  it’s tot sized which makes it ever CUTER!  mae and i dyed this yarn together and i think we ended up being spot on even though i was certain it was going to end up a bit to rainbow-ish.

and i found a use for those chicken prints!  these are both 4” hoops but i think i could get more out of that curious little chicken by using a 6” hoop.  aren’t they just the bees knees?  HA!

alright.  now that we’ve gotten that out of the way… part two of the new news.  i was accepted to show at the hoosier artisan boutique this year.  you can check out more about the organization HERE  i held off until the last second to pay my fees because - let’s face it.  like my print up there, i’m a chicken.  this will be my first real craft fair and they have all these rules and i have to get a floor length table cover (that honestly, i’ll probably end up making myself out of burlap).  so, yes.  daunting.  even the location is daunting.  oh lord.  i’m such a nerd.  the flip side to all my nerves is that in order to calm them i must make things.  keeping my hands and mind busy keep my from loosing my marbles and i think the infinity scarves are a great direction to continue in.  

i’ve been doing a little beekeeping research as of late, too.  if you’re a curious hoosier and haven’t begun doing much research, check out the indiana state beekeepers LINK HERE  there is also the indiana beekeepers association that has information on a young beekeepers group (ages 12-18)  LINK HERE  see, hubs and i made the mistake of watching that documentary about the bees vanishing and there i go.  off the edge.  i need to stop watching these things!  or i need to watch more of them.  i don’t know.  either way i was up in arms.  i’m not going to hop onto my soap box and give a good rant but i will say this: people need to mind their own damn business.  have you ever noticed that the more we meddle with the natural order, the worse things get?  out of all the arguments and ideas portrayed the one thing that really stuck out to me was the one man who said instead of one man having 60,000 hives there should be 60,000 people that have one.  and he’s right.  people are scared of bees though.  i think that’s why it would be unlikely to happen.  just yesterday at the hill climb there were bees everywhere!!! and people were swatting and smacking and running and killing them left and right.  but, they liked my girls and me.  they just landed on us and crawled around a bit.  our friends joked it was because they knew i was the bee lady.  well, i’m not there yet but it would be nice.  it’s more likely that we’re just used to them because our garden is usually a buzz with every variety of bee around.  they love our garden and our flowers and our ability to not kill them for existing.

wanna check out a couple super mamas who also incorporate bees into their lives?

miss heather

miss amanda

thanks for being an inspiration ladies!  and on that note, i bit you adu.  there is still much to be done today and not enough hours to do it. xo

rewind. stop. play.

broke.  i mean, broke. that’s the name of the game in the business hubs is in.  feast or famine.  

so, the boy had a chat with his father and i got the call this afternoon.  friday and saturday?  for at least a year?  um, ok.  working two days a week shouldn’t be oh so terribly bad.  i know that store backwards and forwards so there aren’t any new job jitters - and i figure i’ll get the fun diana rather than the day in and day out - oh my gosh i’ll blow my face off, i swear it! - diana.  she’s delightful and sweet and the funniest woman over 65 i’ve ever met but… PHEW!  it can get exhausting.  the other good news is … dun dunna dun!  i won’t be mini boss any more!  angry customer?  manager!  love it.  unfortunately, my saturdays have once again been devoured.  shit.  i’ll get over it.  i’ll bear it.  it’ll be fine.

i’m also babysitting miss v now on a regular basis.  she’ll eat up a couple days during the week - and hubs even offered to watch her fridays when i’m at work since he’ll be on kid duty anyways.  i’m sure he’ll do great, but he leans toward the barking rather than the communicating when it comes to rascally tots.

enjoy my kitties.

aren’t they darling?

the boy should be ooh-ing and ahh-ing right about now.

knitting has come to a grinding hault right in the middle of the cutest striped mittens, BUT i did work a bit on a new design for some bloom-ish pants.  mae is actually wearing them in the bat capture video below (not that you could tell with all the screaming and running around going on) - so, i feel like that was a step in the right direction.  i have some kinks to work out but it should be smooth sailing from here and i’ll be posting them in the shop soon enough.  i also started working on some baby gifts for our GREAT nephew due this winter.  i really might as well be a grandmother!  HA  i got out the old crochet hook and whipped up some sweet little one cotton scrubbies for bath time.  mae was giving me a very strange look from across the living room while i hooked.  i asked what was wrong and she said, “what are you doing with that thing!?” i’ve created a knitty monster!

anywhooz, i’m gonna have to dig deep in that stash of mine for some acrylic somethings because i just think it’s too risky gifting this little man any woolies.  even the most thoughtful and wooly conscious folks can slip up…

so, back on the etsy train and my little things have been featured in a boat load of treasuries.  check ‘em out if you’re so inclined.  i like to give lots of yummy feedback to keep morale up!  

one two three four five six seven eight

now, sleep. xo