We’re a long way off from August, but I’m here to let you know that registration opens for STITCHES Midwest on Tuesday, March 26th!! I have four class offerings and space is very limited, so be sure to register sooner rather than later (though, if you’re a non-commital type, you can register for classes the day of as long as space is available).


It’s sort of funny for me to be writing this after I’ve posted so much about my social anxiety (and nearly falling out at a knit night group!) but I’ve taught knitting classes before and I actually quite like having a task - a mission to educate - and I connect with my students making it such a rewarding experience. I talked to my editor on the phone about it the other day and she was PUMPED! It made me feel pumped, too. Part of why I’ve decided to get back into teaching is to share techniques I use regularly in my design work that are either something I totally made up because it made sense to me or is a technique that just isn’t widely used (but should be!) I also wanted to teach a brioche class (which seems to be something that is taking over the class offerings at events) but because at the knitting group I freaked out at, many of the women are still just not on board with brioche. It’s fussy and the abbreviations are bananas and working 2 colors flat is confusing… so I thought I would offer a single class that covered everything a beginner hates about brioche. I’m also offering a brioche class that focuses on mixing yarn weights and fibers to get some really artful, textured, stunning results. You can find a bit more information and links to previews of all of my class offerings under the EVENTS tab.

There has been other news floating around that is less celebratory, but since I don’t have a lot of information yet I’m not going to get into it beyond saying — if you’ve seen that FW Media filed bankruptcy on Monday and you fear (as I did) that it is a death sentence for Interweave Knits/Knitscene/etc… as far as I know, the’re going to try to keep the magazines alive and thriving under new contracts or ownership. FW Media is the mama company and she has a whole mess of babies under her. I can’t say with certainty that all of these craft and creative-focused publications will make it out intact, but my fingers are crossed. Interweave was, after all, it’s own entity before being purchased by FW. Most importantly, I’ve been assured that they are moving full steam ahead with my book (because, let’s face it, I cried a tear or two in fear of all of that work disappearing into a black hole of litigation over contracts and rights). I think we’ll all know more mid-year about what the fate of some of our favorite publications will be. Until then, I’m trying to stay upbeat.


February News

There are a few great things happening this month, friends.

First, I’ve decided to get back on Twitter after years of inactivity so, if you’re a twitter person, you can find me there as @pinkbrutus.

Next, newsletter folks already got a sneak peek, but I have another design in the newest issue of Taproot Magazine, REVIVE. This is a giant, snuggle-worthy stole worked up in Purl Soho Worsted Twist and you’re not going to want to miss it! Be sure to subscribe to Taproot Mag (or order a copy on their website) and follow them on social media for updates.

Ovale Stole :: Taproot Magazine REVIVE :: COMING SOON

Ovale Stole :: Taproot Magazine REVIVE :: COMING SOON

Lastly, have you noticed the Bistort Fabric? It’s over there on the side bar… and I posted about it a bit on Instagram. I’m so, so excited to share this little project with you guys! This all started with a super secret surprise I have planned for my book launch so, obviously I can’t share (even though I’m chomping at the bit). I know that the Bistort Pullover is something of a fan favorite, and there are a lot of talented — even brave — knitters tackling 3 and 4 colors in a round for the sake of magical knitting craftsmanship (check out #bistortpullover on IG for some gorgeous examples), but I thought it would be a great fabric, too! All the reward without the work. As of right now, I have two color schemes available - the first is the color palette used in the Knit Picks Encircled collection and the other is a feminine pink and blush palette with some olive green - soft and sweet. I’m waiting on test prints for a third palette based off of the colors I used for my personal sample and honestly, I can’t wait to see how that one turns out.

I have a few designs in progress right now, with deadlines coming out my nose.

So, bye for now and be well, friends!