Frequently Asked Questions

What are these abbreviations?

I don't normally list abbreviations on each pattern, however I do use standard abbreviations for US knitting. You can find a comprehensive list HERE that is available for download. The only abbreviations you may find in my patterns that aren't standard are N1, N2, etc. When referring to double points I will sometimes assign each needle a number and will continue thereafter to simply state "N1" rather than "needle 1".

If I buy a pattern on your website, how will it be sent to me?

The commerce on my website only allows for digital purchases to be emailed to the buyer. This includes all patterns in my “store” even if they are free of charge. For the free patterns I offer my newsletter subscribers, I am able to create a click to download button, so simply click through and download your pattern at your convenience.

All emailed patterns are on an expiring link by default. If you find your link has expired, please contact me and I’ll make sure to get your pattern to you ASAP. Free patterns sent to newsletter subscribers never expire.

Where can I find errata for your patterns?

I do my very best to put out clean patterns and I work with an amazing tech editor, however it seems something can be missed no matter how many eyes pass over the page. You will find an errata link at the bottom of every page on the website; if there is a pattern you believe has corrections not listed, please contact me via my contact page so I can get it sorted!

I don't knit, can you make finished pieces for me?

Many moons ago I was happy to create finished pieces for friends, family, and clients. I'm currently not in a position to make finished garments for sale or commission. If this changes, I will certainly post an update.

Would you teach at my guild or knitting circle?

I would love to! Please contact me via my contact page with all pertinent details such as the dates, how long you’d like to host the class for (1-3 hours is pretty standard), how many classes each day, the location, and how many in the group you estimate will attend for an accurate quote.