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how to block a flat-topped hat

ok.  i’m sure you’ve read parts 1 & 2, right?  good.  since this style is the trickiest, it seemed like a good place to start.

so, you have your “head” and you’ve decided to block your hat with a flat top (this is how the evangeline & cutting teeth toques were finished)

there are many things you can use, but the idea is the same: put a crown on it.  for evangeline, i placed the 5 1/2” embroidery hoop on top of the foam ball like a crown, gently pulled the hat over the foam ball, centering it over the hoop, and centered the top of the hat over the hoop.  using an embroidery hoop for a hat is great because the hoops are inexpensive and come in a TON of sizes.  you can remove the outside hoop with the tightening screw for a nice, round top.

you want the hat to drape nice and straight and not bunch at the bottom.  if you opted for the floral foam block, you can jab the dowel into it and leave it to air dry.  you’ll be amazed at how beautifully blocked it is!!

for cutting teeth, it was the same process, but i opted for a tiny baking pan…. and rather than floral foam, i took it outside to dry in the warm sun.  here’s a funny picture:

there’s nothing like a hat-sicle on a hot summer day, right?

i didn’t have a hoop in the correct size so i had to dig through my kitchen cabinets until i found something just the perfect diameter.   

the first picture is before blocking.  can you see how bunched up and uneven the stitches appear?  the center picture really shows how relaxed that top becomes and how the stitches have evened out. the third is just adorable :)

part 2: the basics