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the hood hat recipe

the hood hat recipe


the hood hat was a pattern i designed for a beginning knitting class i’ll be teaching this month (ages 8 & up). ideal for the beginner, and an item i thought the kids would love to knit for themselves or friends, the insanely simple design is now one of my favorites.

this recipe requires 1 hank cascade 128 in any color of your liking

1 US 10 24” circular or straight needles

1 yarn needle

cast on 66 stitches and knit even for 9” in garter

BO leaving about a 24” tail.

fold the rectangle in half long ways. you know have the bound off stitches lined up along one side. using the 24” tail, carefully sew up along these stitches using whatever method you find most attractive until you reach the middle of the long end - now the top of the hood. break the yarn and weave in the end.

use the remaining yarn to create braid tassels by folding in halves end to end until you have 6 even strands. cut where the yarn loops so that you now have 6 even pieces. using the yarn needle, thread three through one of the front corners and braid by holding two strands together. knot and trim the ends. repeat the process for the opposite corner.