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I was asked if I ever have to write a negative review - this is something I’ve spoken a bit about in past posts - and the answer is no because I have a say in what products are sent to me. If I don’t think it’s a product I’ll be able to rave about, then no thanks. Needless to say, when this set came across my inbox and marked it immediately. Yes, I want to review this. I want to love this. I’ve reviewed another needle set from Knitter’s Pride in the past (the Nova Cubics Platina), in fact, it was my very first product review ever and it’s my number one go-to for every single project, but in the cooler months, there’s something so warm and cozy about knitting with smooth, wooden needles. I also knit with circulars only save for the occasional need for double points. I was at a knitting group and spent half the time picking up the needles that were falling to the floor around me from the hands of my neighbor knitters because straight needles are nuts and I don’t have time for that! I also loathe the fact that I have zero interchangeable 16” circs because I use them constantly and can never find the fixed set in the size I need when I need it. And so, TA-DA! The Ginger Interchangeable Circular Needle Set in the Special IC (16”) option. They are short tips (4”) with two cord lengths for 16” and 20” circs. Here are all the specs you need:

  • Set comes with points in sizes ranging from US 3 (3.25 mm) to US 17 (12 mm)

  • 4 cords (2 each of 16” and 20”) along with 8 end caps and 4 cord keys

  • Notions included: 20 stitch markers, 1 pen

  • Needles produced from ethical wood harvested from sustainable forests

It’s important to note here, that the set I received for the review and the case on the website are different even though they have the same product number. I know that this is a brand new product and so they may have made some changes for reasons that I’m just not privy to. The major difference is the color - the product on the website is denim blue and beige and my set is maroon and beige - however it appears that the material is the same. It also states online that the set comes with a cord connector (swoon!) however, mine didn’t have any information about a cord connector on the packaging though one was included in the set.

unnamed (6).jpg

First Impressions

My first thoughts were — hello beautiful — seriously. My mom was with me when I ripped into the package and she was equally impressed, but she had no idea what she was looking at. She first asked about the little loops and toggles that are on the sides of the case and then noticed the magnets. “Why does it have magnets? Why does it have all this stuff?” AH! Excellent question, mama! The case folds up in two ways. First, you can fold the magnetic side up and hook the loops to the toggle creating a little easel for your knitting pattern. The magnets hold the pattern in place. Boom. Brilliant. The second way is folded with the needle side up, again hooking the loops to the toggle. This might sound silly, but having all of my needles set at the ready for me when I know I’m going to need to switch out tips for working ribbing in a smaller size on a project or when I’m working a couple of samples and swatches for proposals and I’m bouncing around between needle sizes, makes me feel like a master of my domain. I suppose it’s the sense of security knowing I don’t needle to fumble through a bunch of stuff to get the tools I need when I need them. It’s all right there, lined up neatly in a little row. We also commented on the little pocket that houses all the extras - the cords and markers and so forth. I love knowing that I can drop some snips, a yarn needle, and a measuring tape into that little pouch, grab this case, toss it into my knitting bag, and run out the door.

unnamed (7).jpg


I’m going to be so honest here that it might make me sound nuts, but I’m going to say it anyway. I changed out the needles I was using on project to these and started knitting when they first arrived over a week ago. I even swapped out my usual stitch markers to the ones that came in the set even though I am so weird and particular about my markers. I enjoyed knitting with these so much that I almost forgot to write the review. I have been contentedly knitting for over a week without a single thought. The points don’t come unscrewed from the cords every third round (I should mention that I don’t tighten my points with a key very often, so this is a problem that is of my own creating), the wood is smooth, the connection is seamless, the cords are flexible and forgiving - not to mention transparent which is somehow really fun to me - and I really just got lost in the joy of knitting. I even love the stitch markers (GASP!). I’m going to say they’re enameled metal with not a single join to get snagged on yarn I might actually have a new favorite marker! This may not be life changing for any of you, but for me, this is big stuff.



Really, what more is there to say? The set is superb quality, the needles are just so smooth and snag-free, my dreams of interchangeable 16” circular needles have come true, and I can’t believe I found a new favorite stitch marker ta-boot! I want to thank Knitter’s Pride for continuing to provide quality, thoughtful tools and for providing a set for this review! This is the perfect gift for the knitter in your life (and if that person is YOU, then send a link to your people and tell them this is your holiday gift of choice * wink *)

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Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this review; I did however receive the product in exchange for posting my honest opinion and review.  I am in no way affiliated with the company mentioned in this post.  Your experience with the reviewed products may differ from my own.