Fiberista Club and Family-Friendly Mitts

One of the most interesting turns of events came when my beloved editor texted me asking if I'd be down for a little cross-promotion collaboration with another one of F+W Media's publishing companies - Crimson Romance.  

Okay... so what's happening?  

Well, a new romance novel with the heroine being a knitter (duh), was looking to use one of the patterns from Family-Friendly Knits in the story.  

Ummm yes.  That's so random.  Let's make it happen.

And so it did.

You're now wondering how the Fiberista Club fits into this.  Crimson Romance teamed up with the Club for October's yarn box. Subscribers will receive a copy of the novel, Heath's Hope by Alicia Hunter Pace with the pattern for my mitts inside... and the creative director of FC, Hunter (@TeamFiberista) will have a surprise in store  using their October yarn shipment.

In addition to all this fun stuff, Interweave is is offering a 20% off coupon code to Fiberista Club members for purchase of my book through the Interweave Store, valid to December 1, 2015.

Pattern Sneak Peek | ONE |

It seems like I've been waiting half a lifetime to post anything really about this book.  This mysterious book that has transformed many times and in many ways from my original concept in... was it 2012? to the tangible thing that's preparing for birth.

I've decided to start out my peek behind the curtain with a pattern that I felt like I had to dig my heels in and fight for.  It was one of those pieces that was "cute" but would anyone actually want to knit the thing?

You see, this was before the big brioche boom of the century here in the states.  We as knitters were still thinking about things like... the length of time it takes to execute a single stitch and even though this heavily fringed pullover was sized for a child and worked only in a panel on the center front, there were still some concerns.  To be honest, I had knit a centipede once when I was still a very green knitter and working the loop stitch for the legs seemed positively dreadful and yet - years later - I had designed a sweater packed with the stuff.

I called it simply "fur front pullover" - sketch and initial swatch pictured on the left alongside a swatch for a lady's summer sweater everyone was pumped about from the start.  I just knew if I could ease that little pullover along to the finish line, it would be worth the fight.

Ultimately we decided a fluffy white sweater just wasn't practical for kids, so the original swatch using Malabrigo Worsted in natural was swapped out for a brightly colored yarn from Cephalopod Yarns which sadly closed its doors about a year after I finished my sample for the book.

The lady's summer pullover was a fresh, unusual concept back in 2012 with its delicate lace yoke worked from saddle shoulder tabs.  In the past year or so the style was absorbed into the current of the universal consciousness and multiple similar sweaters have popped up.  This is actually a comfort since one of my fears about this whole huge and LONG process was that my designs would no longer be as relevant by the publication date.

Since I've moved on a bit from where I was when I first sketched out these pieces, I have enough distance from them that they now surprise me as I revisit them and my excitement about the body of work has been re-ignited.

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