Align Mitts

Align Mitts


The original Align Mitts pattern that everyone loves (!) but with a men’s size and some extra tips to help you along the way.

Are you looking for the FREE RECIPE? It’s still available on the blog!

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Chances are, as you begin to knit you’ll think I’ve gone all but completely bonkers because they will look small - like, toddler small - but fear not. I swear to you they will stretch like granny’s waist band. The ribbing is to blame for this and is also the beauty behind the perfectly snug fit. 
These gloves can be knit by anyone who can increase and work in the round. They’re easy enough and simple enough and absolutely chic!

In order to help stop the edge of the mitt from rolling on the St st side, cast on using long tail method and one size smaller needles than what you need for gauge. You can, of course, work ribbing all the way around at the cuff also OR you could use a reinforced crochet hem. I’ve included a tutorial for this and used it in the sample mitts shown. Find the tutorial after the pattern instructions or on my website. THESE instructions are a bit more comprehensive than what is included in the pattern. 
For a detailed video tutorial on knitting the original mitt recipe, visit Very Pink Knits: