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easy's getting harder everyday.

we are so bored.  


The tie project is just about wrapped up and Mad Men has gone as far as Netflix can take it.  So here we are waiting for the next big thing to come along.  What a show, though, that Mad Men is.  I’ve been getting caught up on the episode recap/commentaries over at  my favorite blog/website.  their content never fails to impress me & the Mad Men reviews are always spot on and hilarious.  o, but back to the tie.

here it is all done & waiting to be flattened out:


its still a giant sock and even though i took two or three inches off the pattern, it may turn out to be a wee bit long.  especially in the tail.  i learned the kitchener stitch on youtube last night:


how did people learn to knit before youtube, i wonder?  

my thrill on crown hill.

shadows of mist and mellow fruitfulness.