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shadows of mist and mellow fruitfulness.

an Old-Fashioned:


that’s right, cocktail school was in session last night.  i’d been wanting to make one for weeks; since i started watching Mad Men.  its an okay drink.  a sugar cube, a dash of angostura bitters, a squirt of seltzer & whiskey (rye or bourbon).  lots of whiskey.  & an ice cube.  i’m pretty sure i was drunk at work this morning.  strong spirits…

the tie progresses slowly.  it turns out ties are much longer than most people realize.  


i had thought the tail would be the fastest part to knit, but indeed, this is not the case.  not at all.  here is my progress compared to a real tie: 


turns out there is still about a foot to go.  i wish it didn’t bottle-nose like that neither.  it looks like a paddle, but i am following the pattern closely.  


easy's getting harder everyday.

you've got yours and i've got mine.