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walking a long and lonely mile.

saturday evening courtney invited me over to block the tie.  her house looks like a martha stewart magazine:


well, at least it sort of photographs that way.  i sat beside the sewing machine and observed the blocking process while Courtney pinned and told me the tale of her uncle’s near death experience on a motorcycle.   



 later nathan and maela arrived.  nathan ignored my presence as usual and left again ere long to attend a party.  i didn’t really care; we got nothing to talk about anyway.  upon request, the dog was kept locked away upstairs so the kitties could come down and play:



maela sat on the floor with her rubber band collection.  she said, “Mom, when is Carl Junior going home?”  ouch.



here she is later, trying to shoot a rubber band at my face:



& how courtney was amused:



quite last minute, we pulled a few inches off the tail.  fearing it was too long & might have to be tucked into my pants.  i left the tie drying on the mat.  it’ll be stitched back up in a few days and deliver it to me on friday.


some iris for Biz.

flores para los muertos.

my thrill on crown hill.