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pieces of wreckage 2.

the power that be at Pink Brutus Knits has been on my tail lately about not blogging often enough.  apparently, i should have produced a long & interesing post following my work vacation last week.  i’m afraid the only interesting thing about that non-experience is detailed below.  i ended up finding three old frames on the closet shelf for them prints & do they look great!  

did you like that exclamation point?  it may be a Boy Blog first.  now i’m all paranoid about being deleted like her:


we all remember my counterpart Girl Blog, right?  deleted on a whim for not posting often enough.  such a shame, too.  recall with me fondly the histrionic rants and adorable golden retriever pictures.

the only other thing i worked on last week was my latest school project:


busy work galore.  the project entails researching articles on the Indianapolis Star microfilms highlighting local homes being built in July & August 1926.  Summarizing the articles, identifying and describing the style of the house, looking up the original occupant’s name and occupation in the contemporary city directories, finding and visiting the nine houses (in person) to photograph them and observe & note changes to the exteriors.  (i swear this is the last class i will take that requires photographing other people’s homes.)  anyhow,  it is all very interesting, but so much information to keep in order.   i was relieved to have all the field work out of the way, but then yesterday discovered one of my pictures is out of focus (of course its the one house that is in a “bad” neighborhood) and i forgot to print the last column of one article.  so i guess on saturday i’ll head back to the library.


it must be christmas time 2.

of cabbages and kings.