sometimes i'm almost there 2.

is the old abandoned carwash on the chopping block?  sure looks like it.  it was always a thrill cutting through en route to market.  never knowing who or what i’d encounter along the way.  people just don’t appreciate decaying buildings anymore.  

it took just five years to rot this much; another ten years and the earth would have taken care of it.  i say let it die naturally.  


in other news: the tie.  i put it on today just before closing up the store and debuted it at the supermarket.  still a tad too long for my taste, but i’ll put up with it.


i took courtney’s picture after work in the parking lot against a stucco wall.  then she took mine saying i would disappear surrounded by so much beige. 


courtney’s picture put me in mind of Richard Avedon’s American West series.  which then somehow reminded me ofthis fun place.