let the mystery be.

i wore the tie i knit to a christmas party.  its old news, i know, but its still the last completed project o mine and i hadn’t really worn it around familiar people yet.  it went over okay but at times became a conversation piece which made me uncomfortable.  


sorry for this cheesy photo.  it was at the end of the night and i had a terrible headache.  and neither of us was in the mood to pose.  my realtor says dr. Mancini and i look alike.  can sort of see it in this one.  my anorexia is showing in this picture too, but more on that later.


thats our christmas tree.  i set it up on christmas eve and watched “the Royal Tenenbaums”  please note the connection with tannenbaums was just this moment realized.  how obviously appropriate.  must have subconsciously picked it as i had opened the dvd cabinet in search of “untamed heart”.  christmas trees never photograph well, but on this one i can’t seem to get the top string of lights to focus at all.  i don’t know; it must be posessed.  merry xmas.