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with jam and bread.

among the mysteries of bachelor life, the one of which people inquire most frequently is diet.  “what do you eat?”  “do you cook?”  “what do you do for dinner?”  i get asked such questions all the time, specifically from people of my parents’ generation, even family members.  and i don’t really understand it.  like, why do you care?  do you even care?  just making conversation?  okay, so i don’t have a little wife to wait on me when i get home from work; what, are you trying to rub it in or something?  

as a rule i refrain from asking people about how they satisfy their daily needs.  “how much toilet paper do you typically use in a week?”  honestly, if you can’t do better than that, don’t bother trying to talk to me.

an average dinner at the Isle:


flatbread multiseed crackers, jarlsberg norwegian cheese, tea, chilled water & assorted vitamins.

and no, i never make baked pototoes.

pose in plain or fancy clothes?

that cat's something i can't explain.