all is vanity.

i wore something different to work yesterday:


i always wear grey pants & a black t-shirt to work.  wearing the same outfit everyday makes me feel like a cartoon character and besides, it saves so much time and energy in the mornings you know, not picking out something new & different each day.  when its cold i wear a cream colored zippy sweater.


so yesterday morning i walk in the office first thing wearing brown pants & a different sweater, and daddy stops and says (i’m paraphrasing) “you look really sharp today - are those new pants?  (…) and a coordinating sweater!”  


okay, so its noticeably different. apparently.  but i’m not sure i liked the way he said coordinating. 

 so what, my usual outfit doesn’t coordinate?  i get it; that sounds like a backhanded compliment to me.  i’ll have to add it to my collection….


if only i tanned… i would totally wear all white everyday.