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others just like to watch the world.

on these days when neither heating nor air-conditioning is left on, i arrive home and this unventilated condo smells like a room at the Holiday Inn.  and for a moment it feels like being on vacation.     


this week: a new menu item:


grilled cheese!  so simple, and filling (surprisingly), & not necesarily bland if you can avoid the Kraft singles and Wonder Bread.  i made this round with cheese bread & amish provolone.  tomorrow i’m shopping for sourdough.  and possibly vegetables.


two days ago i found my broken sunglasses in the back of a desk drawer at work.  super glue is now keeping them alive for a few more years, god willing:


i adopted these glasses some years ago after discovering them in the delivery van.  they fit perfectly, but are so very fragile.


i’ve packed over ten boxes of books & things and am storing them in a local warehouse.  the next stage is rearranging some furniture and then painting.  we’ve been considering shades of light green: 





 for Biz

how they jump they move they embarrass.

i hope you know i would.