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hello in there 2.

“you do admit there’s more to life than meets the eye, right?  Either that or i weep.”


i’m watching a midsummer night’s sex comedy,  an old woody allen film.  the subject of yesterday’s 30 day project was “someone you love” & i chose to photograph a photograph of woody allen.  i’m not much of a photographer, but i thought this was a creative idea.  sort of maybe.  anyway i’m feeling low tonight and i usually turn to woody when i’m depressed & the st. john’s wort tea has failed me.  the mia farrow period is my favorite.




i photographed this ladder today for “a childhood memory”.  i’m not positive this ever really happened, but i remember my father pushing my sister & i around his store warehouse on this step ladder.   

with jam & bread 3.

letting the cables sleep.