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with jam & bread 4

“we ate these, what are they called? they’re hard and salty.  you dip em those little containers of.. salza….chips! that’s it chips.  they was good, too.”

Diana’s trip to chipotle was definitely the funniest story of the week.  & i am just barely paraphrasing there.

greetings.  no knitting to report, once again.  not a stitch.  but the painting will be wrapped up tomorrow for sure.  then, maybe then they’ll be time.  this morning courtney’s friend chris stopped by the Isle to consult with me on my “honey do” list.  i guess he’ll be able to fix everything.  he’s coming back on friday.  sort of embarassing;  i last minute asked him about my “tempermental” bathroom outlets.  one of them started smoking last year and ever since works on a part time basis.  after the lightning strike in May they seemed to be working better, so i almost didn’t mention it.  well, chris took things apart and showed me how the inside of the outlet was all melted down.  a real fire hazard.  he was sort of shocked about it.  said i was lucky the place didn’t catch fire.  later, after we had moved on to another subject, he shook his head & said, “i just can’t believe that outlet.”  i felt sort of foolish.  like irresponsible, or something.    


thinking i might switch from cow to almond.  tried it out tonight - pretty much tastes like liquid almond which i liked.  i would probably be more likely to drink almond milk out of a glass than i would cow milk.  i seem to keep cow for cereal and cooking.


& as a result, the fridge is usually full of milk cartons.  i just can’t use it up fast enough & i won’t touch it after it starts to smell so i keep buying more.  horizon is expensive, too.  & while i suspect it is one of those fake organic brands, it makes me feel slightly better knowing those poor cows are treated more humanely than in some other dairies.  but really,  why do we as adults need milk anyway?  doesn’t it exist to feed baby mammals?  at nearly 30 why am i consuming milk designed to nourish a different species’s offspring?    so i tried it on cereal:


tasted good, maybe better than cow milk.  the texture was a little, er, slimey though.  i don’t know… i think i’ll try it again tomorrow before i make up my mind.

cornish kitties play here.

with jam and bread 3, part 2.

soon i'll be moving away.