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hello out there.

so after years of planning & preparation the Isle is finally:


just a few more tiles to caulk and windows to replace & otherwise its a matter of maintaining the clean.  i have been training myself to wash dishes immediately after using them; a real challenge.  o, and making the bed every morning.  there has been just one showing so far, but you just never know when the phone is going to ring…



thanks to Courtney for suggesting the magic eraser.   what a valuable cleaning tool.  i’ll never be without one again.


and then friday i felt the need to knit something.  completely out of the blue, too.  so i dug out the yarn & needles and retaught myself:



still remember the basics, thankfully.  now to pick the next project…  spent some time tonight updating my ravelry account - am i on a roll or what?

stripes are really yellow 2.

with jam and bread 3, part 2.