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she's acting her reaction.

i was up cleaning & vacuuming until eleven thirty last night, and even recaulked the kitchen counters and bathtub in preparation for a showing that was to take place this afternoon.  taking up all my knitting time.  then i get a call at work today that the perspective buyer cancelled when she was told a cat lives here.  cat allergies.  psst.  at least the place will be clean for a day or two.  that’s great.  it’s like, i get home after work to a message on the machine that someone wants to see the place; spend exhausting evening hours getting it presentable & they cancel.  like who isn’t allergic to cats anyway?  at least do me the courtesy of a three minute walk-thru.  some people…


speaking of cats - after putting it off for years, tonight i cleaned Mancini’s ears.  god bless us.

ten q-tips later, here he is looking disgruntled and yoda:


how he glares.

while cat was recovering, i was in the living room staring at the ceiling & suddenly felt the need to listen to Bauhaus.  this was very random for i hadn’t thought of them in a long while.  so we spent the rest of an evening watching Bauhaus videos on youtube.  then Joy Division songs started showing up in the suggestions column.  time well spent.  now i want my tea.


sometimes i'm almost there.

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