sometimes i'm almost there.

i cut my index finger yesterday.  its in a band-aid and everything.  so there won’t be any knitting going down until at least tomorrow.  eww handling yarn while wearing a band-aid is so horrifying.   in the meantime i shall write about other things.  

on saturday last my travels took me downtown.  the mile square.  my architectural history of Indianapolis professor assigned this project researching the circled buildings in this 1930 aerial:  


i am to research these buildings and all other buildings that have stood on these lots since the town was planned in 1821.  this is very interesting to me & luckily i was already familiar with four of the five assigned.  it was very fine out Saturday so i parked on Maryland and set off on foot.   

#1St John Catholic Church facing capitol avenue:


Indianapolis was once a pretty nice town.  but many of the interesting buildings have long since been replaced by parking garages like the Chamber of Commerce Building seen above in 1904.  

#2The Harrison Building:


i am unable to find any old photographs of this structure at Market Street and Capitol - across from the Statehouse.  actually this building sort of repulses me.  as does that gaggle of chubby fat asses that wouldn’t get out of my frame. 

#3The Circle Tower: 


Monument Circle is still quite beautiful.  & in 1930 someone took a photograph from almost the exact same spot.  it hasn’t aged a day.   

#4Old City Hall at Alabama & Delaware Streets:


& in 1927.  its empty now, but perhaps someday it will be tastefully refurbished and at least have windows again.

#5Old Second Presbyterian Church:


now, and in 1932 & 1903 below.  

my grandfather’s family attended this church in the 30s and 40s.  looks like it was edged out to make room for another monument to war.  how symbolic.