my string.

so i started it over.  every last stitch.  i got sixteen rows in, got a little lost, skipped some things & on top of the other mistakes that i was prepared to live with - it was becoming a mess.  if i ever want to wear this piece (even if only once) - it just can’t be that messy.  besides, i usually start my pieces over at least once anyway, so i wasn’t surprised or demoralized by the situation.  although, i need to get to a point where one project doesn’t need to be stretched out over weeks & weeks. 


i spent the long weekend house-sitting in carmel.  at a new place; just one dog - a mutt named Loki (not to be confused with my other charge Noki):



not a very good picture.  i lost my camera for a few days and never got around to taking more.  i think she is part labrador.  but medium sized with white paws.  i’m told she is 5 or 6 years old which is surprising to me because she has crazy puppy energy.  she likes to chase squirrels but is too noisy & clumsy to ever catch one.


i started tie version 2 while Loki napped at my feet:


already longer than version 1, & much tidier.  it is still inside-out in these pictures and still looks like a sock to me but i am hoping for the best.  how ridiculous to wear a tie that looks like a giant sock.