four peas.

i took my camera to work today hoping to photograph something interesting as (i admit) this blog has been pretty dull lately.  well, the day ended up being as dull as the blustery gray weather outside & i actually forgot about the camera until i was leaving so i took these on my way out:


my co-workers Boy Courtney and Diana.  Nathan pretty much shuts down after 4:30 and therefore  wasn’t responding.  Diana as usual ran at first sight of camera; foolishly thinking she could hide around the corner.  like i don’t know how to pretend to be focusing on something else while targeting her with my zoom lense.  look how horrified she is!  today nathan decided Diana’s super hero name will be “Black Orchid”.

o, here is something interesting - last week i realized that i had never bought a potato before.  i mean a raw one at the market.  i don’t know why not.  i guess i figured they were just starchy filler food with no nutritional value.  but after some googling i realized how wrong i was & so i picked up these two after work that day:


i baked one of them that night.  nothing fancy but it took over an hour to make.  it tasted bland too, but i ate the whole thing.  it turns out you don’t have to wrap them in tin foil before baking them either.  i seemed to remember - maybe in the high school cafeteria - baked potatoes were always wrapped in tin foil.  maybe they wrapped them afterward to keep them hot.  i don’t care.  i always stayed away from baked potatoes because they are so bland unless you load them up with cheeses and butter and bacon crumbs… yuk.  

the other potato i took to work.  i thought it might be fun to put it in water and let it sprout a little.  Here’s what we ended up with:

<< sorry, picture lost >> 

nathan was supposed to research grade school science projects & learn how to make it grow into a plant.  i don’t know.  he ended up cutting the potato in half & putting it in the window which was clearly wrong because today i went to change that foggy water and wow; it was one of the foulest smelling things i have encountered these thirty years.  i don’t exaggerate, either.   it was more than a smell, but a force field of nasty stank - like i could feel the rotteness without even inhaling.  needless to say it was thrown out the door glass & all and we will be trying again tomorrow with a sweet potato.  the other half of that potato ended up in the india plant:

<< sorry, pictures lost >> 

i have a good feeling about that one.