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easy's getting harder everyday 2.

here i sit waiting for the heating/cooling guy to get here.  6-8 they told me.  its 8:48 now and he says he’s on the way.  called at 8:30 and i almost didn’t answer.  i don’t especially like this late hour appointment.  not even a courtesy apology for calling a half hour after the estimated window.  probably driving around lost in the dark looking for this wretched place.  knock, knock he’s here!


repair man is outside looking things over now.  i can’t wait to find out about how he went over everything & couldn’t find anything wrong… $150, please.  home ownership is just the absolute worst.  not a month goes by without something malfunctioning, breaking, expiring.  fogging up.  constant.  if its not the stupid heat pump freezing over every winter, its the damned window seals breaking.  yesterday i noticed the neighbor in the mirror unit across the courtyard has a fogged up picture window.  the giant picture window in the stairwell.  poor bastard.  first its just a small circle of micro bead condensation trapped between the panes.  then it starts to spread, expand; jumping over the muntins filling each square of window.  then the moisture dries up leaving a peely film but you like it because it blocks out peeping eyes but not the sunlight.  you sit on the steps at night drinking tea enjoying the street lights filtering through and shadows.  imagining you’re in some other city.  but then the threatening letter from the neighborhood association arrives.  first warning…  phone calls and estimates.  then the glass company arrives to install but they ordered the wrong size so they put the old window back in for four more weeks.  no apologies there, either.  “sorry you’ll miss half a day’s pay because we don’t know how to use a tape measure.”  then 800 some dollars later the new glass is in and you feel exposed but relieved that its done.  its over, but they say there is no warranty on glass.  no way to tell how or when the seal will break again.  then the paranoia begins.  the fear that some evening you’ll arive home, throw the keys on the steps.  look up and notice that small circle of fog in the lower corner of the window.  and with a vacant expression you’ll resign yourself to the nightmares that lay in store.



on a whim last week i bought a bag of peanuts.


repair man kenneth is gone now.  as expected he couldn’t find anything the matter with my poor iced-over heat pump.  this happens every year i simply cannot believe nobody can figure out the cause.  i said as much to kenneth but he didn’t have any answers.  and the explanations he gave may as well have been in chinese.  what a scam.  only $89 this time.  o and that included a $40 “after hours” charge; what kind of crap is that?  they employ people for 24 hour service and at no time when i made the appointment was i told of this fee.  i was actually intending to set up a time for an afternoon next week and was pleasantly surprised when he said someone could be there today 6-8… what a crock of shit.  i don’t want to think about this anymore.


lookin' like you're going far.

head's to the wall.