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the varmint's path.

here & there, daily readers.  sorry for this absence from pinkbrutus world.

i haven’t been busy, just occupied by other things.  the first week of december was devoted entirely to compiling a report of local french eclectic architecture.  this one is a favorite of mine; taken on a rainy afternoon:


i wouldn’t mind spending a rainy afternoon in such a house.  got an A on the report, incidentally, and now suddenly tomorrow is the first day of school again.  i’m taking “Urban Geography” and “Death & Memory in Ancient Art”.  as you see i’m still committed to only taking classes with frivolous names. 

then it was christmas time.  my favorite gift: these beautiful Finnish votives:


actually a gift to myself.  picked up six of varying hues at Form + Function, a terrific northern european furniture store.  gave three away to an acquaintance & then put the remainders in the dining corner with my Danish bottle and IKEA ash tray: 


then i was away for ten days house-sitting in Westfield.


the animals are all doing well.  Max the wiener dog is a funny thing.  this morning i went in to wake him up & after poking him a few times decided he might be dead.  but then he moved one of his ears.

yesterday i learned continental style knitting & have been practicing up all afternoon:


i’m thinking about converting… 


(for courtney)

head's to the wall.

let the mystery be.