others just like to watch the world 3.

a ticket became available, so i packed my bottled water and mixed nuts & cranberries and went to the speedway:


ho-hum & noise; but for those who like that sort of thing, that is the sort of thing they like… still, how often does one find a chance to confront both his demo- & acrophobias at once? 


 (& megalophobia. yikes!)


got me a hard lemonade… never tried it before… tastes just like regular lemonade & i’m told its a pretty womanish thing to drink but what can i say?  options are pretty limited at the speedway when you don’t drink soda or beer.

the couple in front of me:


i had hoped they would be a little more entertaining.  an engaged couple; arrogant.  they fed each other burgers and fries and kissed mouths full.


sticky sticky sticky