but it goes on 3.


i picked up courtney after school.  she knit a sock in the car and taught me about ancient aliens and the origins of the moon.  there was a coupon from the health food market set to expire, so we drove back to the old workplace neighborhood to check things out.  i purchased some spirulina, tulsi tea and pistachio ice cream with honey.  the windows of the old art store building were dark.  the lawn brown, but spotted dark green by unmowed weeds.  pieces of trash lined the sidewalks.  i didn’t think to take a photograph.


we took a chance on finding diana’s house down the road.  she was watching a courtroom judge show and left it running while we chatted in her tidy living room.  african figurines & baskets, little found art pieces matted shadowbox style on the walls.  its always delightfully strange to see a co-worker’s home for the first time.  we toured her garden and heard about all the neighbors.  ”Girl…”  “wha’choo talkin’ about?”  “I know that’s right.”  


at home courtney prepared a traditional work lunch of Amy’s organic microwave fare.  green noodles for her; country cheddar surprise for me.  just like old times, but for daddy darkening the doorway wondering what that awful smell is?  in the background Nathan played a murderous & militant video game while the horse puppy jumped between sofas like a cat; trying to catch a fly.